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Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood Deluxe Edition
Release date 21st September 2009
Published by Rock3
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Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood Deluxe Edition

Once upon a time rock n roll was fun, then in the pursuit of money the record labels became frightened of upsetting anyone, squeezed all the fun out of it, and we ended up with do goodie rock stars who brush their hair and wear new clothes bought with fashion label showing on the outside.. what the hell is that all about? but rock n roll is about been a rebel, been different, not afraid of upsetting the establishment and with luck scaring the bejeezus out of those in charge. Motley Crue were one of those bands that scared the bejeezus out of the conservatives. The bands million selling album Dr Feelgood, is been re-released as a double CD with lots of additional goodies.

After all these years I wondered if this bag of sleaze rock could still do it for me, I never got into the hair band lark back in the eighties, although like anyone into rock music, I have been exposed to the music at the time and since. The album has the infamous intro but rips straight into the title track Dr Feelgood and surprisingly to me it sounds fresh and interesting, as I listened to the album I blanked out my sub conscious which kept whispering that "sounds like Aero, sweet" etc.. hell if everyone refused to listen to a band on the basis that a song or two sounds like someone else's song, we wouldn't have listened to Led Zeppelin 1, or RadioHead or god knows who else!.

The fact is do'es the music rock and do your feet tap and head nod?.. and in the case of Motley Crue the answer is emphatically YES! So what have we got in this lovely new package, twenty songs some never before seen the light of day, some raw demo's of the bands early years and of course the original first release album of Dr Feelgood. With title's like 'She Goes Down' which has little miss moffat mentioned in a verse, and the legendary story of the song 'Kickstart My Heart' when Nikki Sixx died of drug abuse, and a medic who was a fan pumped him full of adrenaline on the table and brought back from the far beyond, it is stories like that which legends are created, Love it.

Motley.com // Crue Fest 2
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