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Rock3 20-08-2009 03:18 PM

Cinders Fall - The Reckoning
Cinders Fall produce a blast of modern metal blended and cleansed of mainstream cliché’s hybridised with the best of what metal can produce today they have no compunction in setting out their stall for truth and fury.

Front man Masters roars his vocal fury from beginning to end of this five track EP ably supported by frantic almost thrash style drumming while the twin guitars support each other with solid riffing before each taking turns to slash the air with mini solo's or squirting licks. You know what you are listening to is good because the CD finishes while you are still enjoying it, which is what happened to me with The Reckoning.

This mini album opens with Dead Zone and hits the ground running with no nonsense thrash drumming, some interesting riffery and a backdrop of keyboards that are hard to detect but give a great supporting layer for the guitars to concentrate on doing what they do best, a good solid tune to open the EP with.

The second track 'The Sorrow' is where the band opens the legs a bit more to show some maidenesque solos blended with the bands solid riffs, all the time Masters spews out his fury to the tempo of the song.

The third song 'Beyond Existence' explodes out of the blocks before settling down to twin complementing riffs interspersed with string bending drones, the drums drop the simple thrash patterns and give us some explosive metal skins.

'Inside' rips open with riffs ably supported by finger crunching drums before we settle down into a two speed bit of head nodding, with quick and frantic blended with some deep riff inspired head bashing. The final tune on The Reckoning is the title track and we get some lovely death lyrics that revolve around putrid and decaying stuff, excellent.

By all accounts this six man line up gives a blinding live show you have been warned.

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Unregistered 26-08-2009 09:29 AM

Great band, saw them live in Leeds last year, great to see them bringing out a new CD, shame its not a full blown album, good metal band love the guitar sound they have and really good live.

casefexas 03-09-2009 10:13 PM

great band

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