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Burgundy - The Triangle I & II
Published by dirtydrew
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Burgundy - The Triangle I & II

There are many things wrong with the various music scenes around Kent at the moment, but of those problems I find one particularly irritating, and that is that bands like Burgundy just aren't given the chance they deserve. Major media outlets have always had an influence over what is and what is not considered acceptable, and it is an absolute shame that at this present time indy is vogue.

Several years ago at the dawn of the Emo surge, Burgundy could well have contributed something very special to the scene, they could have shaped and moulded the path of the Emo generation and pointed them in a direction that wouldn't have ended up in humiliation and self-destruction. The style, the clique, the music that people BRAND as Emo was a fad, nothing more and nothing less. But in the early days, as the sun broke over a new horizon and the fledgling genre was tentatively getting to its feet, it had shown signs of potential greatness. It turns out it had been born with birth defects and should have been taken behind the potting shed and given the "Old Yeller" treatment.

Burgundy could've changed that. Let me tell you why; they're a three piece band from Dartford and they play...well, trying to get a definitive description of their music is about as easy as getting a one night stand with your best friends sainted mother. However, I'd describe their music as dirty. Dirty and raw. Dirty, raw and heart felt.

To listen to Burgundy is to be a part of Burgundy.

Tracks like "Previously Unknown" and "Never Incomplete" suck you in like a hooker cross bred with a Dyson. To say that their style of building you up just to kick your teeth in is anything other than very effective is a bare faced lie. The emotion portrayed in the build up is complimented by the sheer passion with which the choruses are delivered. People may say that it's all about the music and most would be lying to themselves, but Burgundy have convinced me that they actually mean it. It wouldn't be ideal, but I could imagine that they'd be content playing the local scene for the rest of their lives, the music being the only reward they need.

I might add that I've seen these guys live too and they're more than worth the entry fee (not that I paid to get in.) If I could make a comparison so that you get a picture of what they're like, then the closest band in the public eye would be Rise Against. Like Rise Against, Burgundy are technically gifted, have a raw style that promotes the compelling vocals. They're a band to make you believe again.

So would I suggest that you get their EP? Yes, yes I would. Never mind that it's an absolute steal, but it is the product of two of their previous demos, so it's double the value. So this is what you do, you go to this link: Burgundy: The Triangle on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos , pour yourself a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage, down it, plug your computer into the loudest speakers you can find and then prepare yourself for something special. The Triangle I & II, just like angry sex with a deaf girl, is best appreciated at its loudest. Get the EP and thank me later.

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