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Callous - Descension
Release date June 22nd 2009
Published by dirtydrew
Author review
Replay value
Average 20%

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Callous - Descension

You know when you actually start realising that you're getting old? You watch football and there are people who are 18 or 19 doing what you only dreamed you could do. Well that was pretty much the case for me and Callous, they're between the ages of 18 and 21 and they are doing, right now, what I wish I could have done. At 21 I would've loved to have a mini-album (or extended EP) like Descension under my belt.

Unfortunately, for me, there were intervening factors like a lack of musical talent and general laziness. I get the impression, however, from listening to tracks like "Into The End" that these guys do not have this problem. The raw energy that emanates from Descension is intoxicating, broken up occasionally by the vocals of Jon Gray, which are reminiscent of Corey Taylors one man "Beauty and the Beast" style. Instead of the "beauty" aspect, however, there is an "At The Drive In", almost "Jimmy Eat World" twinge that makes the contrast easier to maintain, but I'd question whether it has the same impact. Nevertheless, it is a style that works well with the heavy riffs and the drum beat, that, would it have been the heart beat of an animal, would have been a humming bird...and that humming bird would have had to take constant medication to stop it dying from seizures.

I'm not too sure what they were thinking when they decided to add a metal "question and answer" section in "Through These Final Hours". I feel that it breaks flow unnecessarily in what was, up to that point, a very tight track.

I wouldn't really want that to detract from this recording though. Nobody is perfect, look at Kate Moss, she's got a gimpy eye. Look at Angelina Jolie, in the film poster for "Wanted" her right hand is the wrong way round. Tell me that wouldn't be distracting in bed!


What I'm saying is that there are little imperfections that give character; like at the end of "Descension" there's a 2 second gap, which I'm sure is the recording and not the original intent; I can see where they were going with that because it WOULD have linked very nicely.

So, as I brush the Oreo crumbs off the info sheet they sent me with the CD, I find myself thinking "Who cares?" I know I don't. Too many bands gloat about playing with so and so, or being on 6 music or something, well big whoop de-****ing doo for them, what do they want? A ****ing cookie?! I know who Callous have played with and I'll tell you one thing, you don't NEED to know because this isn't a ****ing job interview! Music will speak for itself all day, every day. Callous' music, however, doesn't speak for itself. It's angry, it's schizophrenic, it's hyper-active, it spits when it talks, it holds no punches and it doesn't care about you. Just like metal should be. When "Descension" is finally released, I suggest you buy it, steal it, whatever, I don't care. Just get it and listen to it.

It's great to see that Kent can actually produce a metal band when it tries hard enough.

(Considering that I like reviewing unsigned bands, I think it's unfair to use the rating system provided...so I'm not going to use it. Also! I don't believe you can just plonk a number on an album and call it a day.)

CALLOUS - DESCENSION OUT JUNE 22ND! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
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