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Rock3 28-06-2008 04:52 PM

Sanctorum - Ashes Of Redemption
Opening the album with a huge ground shaking thunderous track in 'Ground in Stone' Sanctorum crunch into your consciousness like a runaway Juganought into a wendy house, I take my boots off to further feel the huge shockwaves rippling through the concrete floor as I pump the volume, lovely stuff… it’s true!.

The second tune ''Sorrow Of Man' lightens the load and reminds that the band can also do a guitar solo with the best of them bringing forth frantic head nodding and some huge axe posing while Aaron on vocals growls like a caged beast, the album keeps it going with 'Against Us All' with more of their scintillating blasts of metal. Sanctorum rev the power with 'These Killing Hands', 'Hope Of Salvation' and the title track of 'Ashes Of Redemption, although I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the band live yet rumour has it that they really take the biscuit with spot on shows and superb musicianship.

‘Call To Arms’ is another one of the bands trademark songs that will have you crowd surfing with its power and excitement. This album is exactly what Sanctorum promised two years ago with their debut album 'The Heavens Shall Burn', huge riff powered metal tracks to scorch the paint from the woodwork and flowing melodies to groove too.

With eleven tunes to bang to, British metal fans know that they have someone to brag about online again. Ashes Of Redemption' is a massive indictment of the rise of British metal in the 21st century and with bands like Sanctorum in the vanguard, once again Metal is coming home.

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