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Element - Under The Influence
Released April 2008
Published by Rock3
Author review
Replay value
Average 85%

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Element - Under The Influence

Element are playing a style of metal that is similar to what Metallica play, and I must confess that I don't own a Metallica album, and the reason for that is none of their albums has ever turned me on. But Element have actually got some better ingredients then any Metallica album has, and that is consistently quality riffs throughout and solo's that last more then 12 seconds long. So after shocking and surprising you all in the space of less then fifty words, donít be surprised that when you check this band out, you might find that this band has something you want to own.

Element open the album with 'Downfall' and a bit of thrash guitar then slow it down halfway through to give you chance to nod your head to a nice deep heavy riff before exploding back into an excellent fast solo and so we swing back and forth between head nodding and lean back guitar screeching solo's.. ok, so you flashed me your knickers, what else can you do was the first thought as the track came to an end.

And so the band coyly unravelled their wares first with the heavy 'Mind Inside' riff juiced track that gave a few minutes of the bands dark side before leaping into a solo that is worthy to be remembered and then descending back to chunky short riffs that changed just enough to show that this band are more then a one trick jockey, 'Under The Influence' comes next and displays the bands ability to write music relevant to the lyrics, deep and dark this track matches the sentiments of what I imagine is alcoholic depression and confusion, (well the music certainly brings back memories to me) onwards... to the next song on this album of eight tracks and this next song 'Bleed On My Own' is a monster at over ten minutes long it breeches all conventions and plays off with some slow riffery that allows some decent nodding to be got underway overlaid with some fist clenching sentiments in the lyrics, there is more darkness to this track then at first noticed, I am sure that this is one of those songs that you will need to identify with to gain the full benefit of it's power.

'Lucidia' brings us straight back into the light with its bright riff's and sensitive axe work, this track is an instrumental. Track six 'Forged existence has a crowd breaking solo and should be the killer pleaser while song seven is it a intellectual song, is it a boys bonding song naw! but cut it out and stick it on your favourite chill out tape because it will last you a lifetime then we have the last and final tune from 'Element' .. 'Fusion' is a clever track that starts of sounding mismatched but then about halfway through a sharp little solo slices through and suddenly things become fused together and the song makes sense.

Element are writing in the whole spectrum and give as much thought to the lyrics as they do in balancing the music which is the hardest trick to do, the fact that they can do that shows they have talent. The album comes with its own booklet of lyrics which should further enhance their reputation, fans are smart and will be able to read the quality behind the music.

Adam Calderbank: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Rob Urquhart: Drums
Chow: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Alex Burnell: Bass Guitar

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