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Bad Love & Licker - Sleazers Palace
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Bad Love & Licker - Sleazers Palace

I had been going through the stack of CD'S that have dropped on the mat this week, and
it had been my misfortune that the first six cd's were pop and utter crap to boot and I was not in a good mood, the next one in the stack was 'Bad Love & Licker' and I couldn’t see any paperwork with it, I scrambled about getting even more pissed 'cause there was nothing to read! the CD cover indicated that it was a four track EP, so I stuck it on and slumped back onto the sofa and was subjected to an aural assault.. **** more ****ing ****, I thought ( if you don't like to read swear words, you better **** off now) .

The second track kicked in and was even worse, too arsed to get up and turn it off, I thought I will wait until the end at least I can claim to have given them a fair shake of the hand. To my surprise the third track began to sound OK.. the repetitive riff rolling over and over was beginning to get me, a sneer was beginning to find its way onto my face and my head was beginning to nod a little, so I went to myspace to find the bands page and see what I can find out about them, and surly enough, the ****ers were swearing worse then I was.

So ok the review.
The EP opens with 'Spread The Bad Love' and is a fast paced metal riff driven 'core vocals that thunder's along, now who would it appeal too?, the band describe themselves as a sleaze metal band, so if you are into getting pissed (all the time) shooting pool, leching the girls and sneering at students, then this is going to be the sound that will attract you, the second tune 'Sleazers Palace' continues to bellow along encouraging you to have bad habits.

The second to last song, or if you want to be pedantic, the third song on this four
track EP 'Camera! Action! Lipstick! Lights' as I mentioned earlier is a great little number sneering at something I can't understand the words, but the sentiment is articulated in Jag's oafish vocals very well, and the last track 'Definitely Good Definitely Sexy' is nothing like that at all, but is an excellent track to guzzle beer to, as it gives you close to three minutes to down your pint before you need to use your air guitar for a little twiddle.

So I listened to this EP for four times and it got better with each play, so the moral of this line is "Dont Give Up and you shall be rewarded"..

Vocals - Jag Sexton-Boon
Guitar - Tommy Knok
Bass - Stevie McLovin
Drums -Rabbit E Mondo

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