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Rock3 23-03-2008 11:05 AM

Voodoo Six - The First Hit Is For Free
Opening the album with peels of thunder the lashing of rain and the murmuring of a prayer 'Faith' sets the tone for Rundell with the rock soul vocals of an incarnated Rogers while the twin guitars of Pearce and Jones via for Page'esque accolades this perhaps give you a taste of what we are going to experience with this opening track and first single from Voodoo Six.

The second track 'No friend Of Mine' continues along with the same theme of blues soul lyrics but Rundell shows in flashes that he could compete with a Coverdale if pushed while the R+B section nail the rhythm down tight, the guitars are kept leashed at the beginning of the song before giving some slack to produce some string bending squeals that bring on
a most satisfying feel to the song from the halfway point onwards, 'Feed My Soul' the third track burbles along on a nice bass line before erupting with both guitars burning the boards, the forth song 'Walking On Nails' has similarities with so many other classic songs itís almost a melody of memories but again Rundell's articulation is spot on while a most satisfying guitar solo raises the glass to the lips for another toast.

The fifth song 'Crawl' ups the ante with a driving number that displays the bands capabilities is rather broader then so far has been insinuated. When we came to the halfway point the sixth song 'I am the Sun' hardens the hard rock feel and with a good head nodding riff. We get the bands slow track with 'Saint And Sinners' full of uplifting crescendos and Rundell's pleading vocals supported by what sounds like backing 'guitar harmonies' leaving the guitars to squeal muted in the background before they put a gleam on at the end.

The eighth track 'One More Day' opens with a Zep style riff riding on a bubbling drum and bass stomp that has hard rock burned deep into it, the ninth song shows that the band can write with and articulate feelings and that perhaps someone knows how to spell 'philosophy' which bodes well for the bands future material. The final three songs on the album are more of the same head nodding British Classic hard rock formula which by now you should be sold on.

Playing a classy style of swaggering rock that says 'bollocks' to the trend setters this band are out to re-capture the middle ground that was so long ago trampled on by the punk movement and stolen by the indie bands, on this showing they have got a good chance of doing so, if you like Classic rock you will love this and they will probably be your new Gods if you have never heard Classic rock then listen to this!

Henry Rundell - Vocals
Matt Pearce - Guitar
Chris Jones - Guitar
Tony Newton - Bass
Dave Cavill - Drums

Official website

Myspace page

Video of the single 'Faith' Taken from this album

Live Review and Gig Photo's

rosalie 01-04-2008 10:26 AM

Voodoo Six kick ass!! Saw them at Download in 06 and supporting Maiden the year before - great live band - can't wait to catch them on tour!!

The album is amazing; if you don't own a copy I highly recommend you get yourself one!

In the meantime, you can check them out here too
Voodoo Six - First Hit For Free

fireball 08-05-2008 12:45 PM

A superb album from a band that have the potential to be huge! The fact that Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) insisted they were to open for Maiden speaks volumes, buy this album, you wont be disappointed, British rock/metal at its best!

oldbird 05-08-2008 04:03 PM

Cant wait for the September tour!! Ive only met the guys once but am now totally 'hooked'. Best all round cd Ive bought in ages.

Rock3 26-08-2010 01:35 AM

You can watch a superb video of Voodoo Six 'Crawl' playing their infectous classic riff driven rock

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