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Onslaught - Leap Of Faith (Album Review)
Published by christopherperez
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Onslaught - Leap Of Faith (Album Review)

Onslaught has always been a band that has surprised me musically. Before I begin reviewing the album, let me introduce the band. Onslaught is a Christian Alternative Metal band that comprises of brothers, Yohan Issac (guitars/bass) and Rueban Issac (drums/vocals). The band was formed in 2007 and their origins are from Hyderabad in India.

Leap Of Faith marks Onslaught's album as one of their best and heaviest. Going for a more earth-shattering sound, unlike their more ambient pop-rock sound in Metamorphosis, the band pulls off an album with sounds that can closely be related to that of bands like, Sevendust, Disturbed, Red and Helmet.

Bite The Bullet kicks the album off with Rueban's deeper and more aggressive voice which you hear a lot throughout Leap Of Faith. Fast attacking riffs from the guitar of Yohan fills the verses and chorus and an epic lyric by Rueban saying "If you think, you're negativity, by judging my faith, will break me and force me to change my view on life, But I choose to believe in the one true being that gave me the life to carve my destiny." A very guitar oriented song with one of my least favorite solo on the album, but one of the heaviest intro riff on the album.

A slow, psychadelic guitar fill and Rueban starts off the next song, which happens to be the title track of the album; Leap Of Faith. In this one, the lyrics show off on people falling prey to temptation. It highlights on how, having faith in God can protect and keep people from harms way. The chorus instrumentation and vocals are the highlight of the song. It brings together a very catchy old school grunge sound to it. The guitar solo adds to the flavor of the song, a truly well put together solo. One of my favorites off the album, worth keeping the song on repeat indefinitely.

Antivenom takes a simplistic heavy instrumentation structure. The verses sound like boulders falling from the sky onto metal, and the chorus sound basically the same, a little faster- and with a bit more melody. The bridge has the best drum fills and a simple, well executed solo, driving guitars and bass. A good song for headbanging. Worth a listen.

Lazarus Rising has an intro that is pretty simple but still catchy and heavy, while the verse is a standout, the chorus is more tamed down with surprise break in between the song that catches you off guard. All in all, a decent song, guitars go together, the drums are right on que. However, the song does possess a chorus ending very similar to Bite The Bullet which does drive you to lose some interest in the song.

The Target, a strong song lyrically with a very slow and eerie intro riff. A classic hard rock kind of chorus riff with a brilliant solo executed by Yohan. A simple structure that focused more on the vocals which did bring a good positive change half way through the album. One of my favorite lyric by Rueban that goes, "But I finally realised, your hidden agenda, you were out to plague my mind and steal my soul away, but let me tell you, sinners will be sinners, all you need is faith as small as a seed, I've got the Lord on my side, to shield and protect me from your wicked ways, you can do no harm to me, coz you've been marked, and I finally found the target, it's right between your eyes."

Killing Judas starts out like something you'd hear from a punk band, but when you think they turned on us, they kick it back to the good ol' bonecrushing riffs and hard lyrics. The chorus sounds like a tempo change to the song which is deceiving but is never the less very catchy. The muffled spoken word sections through the song does add a neat and unique flavor to the song. A catchy entertainer on the album. Worth putting the song on repeat.

Break The Cycle reminded me a lot of Helmet. Maybe, it's because of the drums or the same tuning the two bands use, but the intro is very similar some Helmet songs... till of course they blast into the chorus, then you know for sure it's Onslaught. Tight drumming and driving guitars. The chorus doesn't slow down at all and the bridge has an exceptionally short and catchy drum fill/solo. A well constructed song worth listening to.

Alive happens to be a lyrical composite of all the songs on the album. The instrumentation on the song is really soft, subtle and clean with a well placed solo that breaks the clean sound of the song for a brief moment. Not a bad closer to an album.

Ok, now that my fingers are bleeding, I'll wrap this up. I give the album an overall rating of 4/5... extremely well done. Props to the members who are very talented. Definitely an album you want to add to your collection, even if you aren't an Onslaught fan.


  • The band has progressed a lot since Metamorphosis and have a lot of talent.
  • Good for headbanging.
  • Great choruses in Bite The Bullet, Leap Of Faith and Break The Cycle.
  • A well put together album


  • A little repetitive parts in some songs.
  • I would have liked to hear more technical solos, but they were going for earth-shattering on this album.

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hyderabad, india, leap of faith, onslaught, yohan rueban issac

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