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MJE2005 17-10-2011 01:25 PM

We folking by Esu's the new digital album of Marco Esu.
Two years after the published albums of Marco Esu, this month he publishing another album entitled "We folking by Esu", this is an autoproduction from the artist and an independent art-work.
The album is totally for free, everybody will be free to download and listen album, all its on-line from October 2011.
Any track is for violin and acoustic guitar, with a natural sound, without effects and recorded in a live style, this album isn't full of technic but focus any melody on soul and feeling.
Any composition is inspired from different genres as old swing, as folk music, played in acoustic, any part of violin is an improvisation to have an natural feeling on melodies.

Now the full album is avaliable in mp3 and video, on video you will listen the full album and on the site you will have some information of links for free download, for anyone, to hear and download the full album anyone will must check on - Marco Esu - official site - European's Composer & Artist , the official site of Marco Esu.

As album and art-work, this is not same the old albums published by Esu, why on other album the most part of first music instrument is the guitar, as classical, acoustic and electric too.
Here, on "We folking by Esu", the most important part is on violin, this is a big passion of the artist, why he loves to hear old styles from Classicals, Folks, Celtics, Swings/Jazz, Irish, New Age and World music.

Always, guitar and violin is a column on traditional music, this is a tribute to traditional music, because on traditional music we can hear very great musicians.

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