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Fredrik Anderson of Amon Amarth talks to Dann Brennan
Amon Amarth interview with Fredrik Andersson
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Fredrik Anderson of Amon Amarth talks to Dann Brennan

Q. How’s the UK leg of the tour been for you so far?

A. “It’s been really good actually, Ireland was really great and Cardiff was above expectations so we are looking forward to the rest of the tour”

Q. With a back catalogue as extensive as Amon Amarth is it difficult to pick a set list?

A. “You want to please everyone but you’ll always miss one or two songs some people are looking forward to. We try to play the most liked songs that we know people want to hear but we always throw in some wild cards. I like the sets we have played this tour, it’s been nice and quite varied.”

A. So will you be playing a lot off the new record “twilight of a thunder god” tonight or will it be varied?

Q. “Yes there will be a lot from the new album but there’s a fair mix of songs from all the albums that’s been thrown in. We also mixed in some songs we haven’t been playing which is cool for us.”

A. The last time you were in the UK was while joining the unholy alliance tour with slayer how does that compare against doing your own tour?

Q. “Well it’s totally different.” Regarding the pressure involved. “Well we were nervous getting out on tour with Slayer before hand as we knew the crowd has its reputation for only liking slayer. We thought it’d be tough, especially in the UK but we actually had a really good time. Most of the crowds seemed pleased with us. So after a couple of shows we realised we were going to be ok and had nothing to worry about so there was no pressure once we got into the tour really.”

“The pressure of doing a headline tour is different altogether, first will people buy tickets early enough, even though a lot of tickets might be sold late, it still an issue because if they don’t the promoters might start worrying and freaking out. But considering a lot of bands are touring at the moment including DevilDriver who seem to be really big over here. They also had Behemoth supporting which are also doing well everywhere which helps bring in a crowd to your shows”

“We have been unfortunate that we couldn’t bring Evile due to recent events, they would have been a good draw for us especially in the UK, but we felt getting a replacement didn’t feel right so have carried on without them.”
This tour now has just Entombed as support, how do you get on with them?

“Them guys are awesome, we haven’t played with them before but they are also from Stockholm. So we have met them around the local scène and are good friends from before.”

Q. Twilight of the thunder god has been a really good album for you here and overseas with top reviews and has been placed well in the album charts. Did you feel while writing the record it was going to do well?

A. “We felt it was our best album and felt it was our strongest record to date. Of course we know the fans are very big critics of what we’re doing, but we thought they would like it maybe more than they actually did with the fans who have been with us from the early albums. I think it’s a record that grows on you. I’ve talked to a lot of fans who didn’t like it at first but after a bit of time with the record and hearing all the layers and the complexity of the songs we spent a lot of time on, they now prefer the album.”

Q. You have had a lot of guests on this album, was this something planned?

A. “This was our way of adding something new without changing our personal music style and not compromising with what we wanted to do. We all feel it’s worked quite nicely on the record.”

A. Did you approach the record differently while writing this time around?

Q. “No not really. We all spent 4 to 5 months in the rehearsal room and wrote it together. Writing music and lyrics come hand in hand as Johan would write vocals while we were coming up with new parts. We would get the feeling of the song and decide on what it would be about. But also we would try and write the music over the lyrics while still keeping the feeling of the sound suited to the vocals. All of us are very involved during the whole process.”

A. You have been touring this album over a year now any plans on a break or new material?

Q. “We will finish this tour mid December and have some holidays followed by another US tour and then maybe start looking and new material around march but we will see”

A. I noticed in a weeks time you will be playing in Australia for 3 dates, how do you feel being on the other side of the world in a short space of time?

Q. “It’s more of a crazy thought as we are playing the same day we are flying in! We are playing the 3 shows over 3 days and then flying out again so it’s going to be interesting. No time for sightseeing or anything we’ll just be really ****ed up from it all, haha!”
“due to the bad economy over there as it has been everywhere they have only been able to give us what we have so after the flying costs and everything we have just broke even, possibly in the minus so were just doing it for the fans. So I hope they all turn up!”

A. What’s the popularity for you like in the US at the moment?

Q. “its the biggest market for us right now, we had a good reaction ever since we supported Children of Bodom in 2006. We did the first tour off this album in the US but had to cut it short after 3 weeks to do the unholy alliance tour. We then went back there in the spring to finish off the tour but had fans screaming at us to come back to do shows we did during the first 3 weeks that a lot of people missed. So that’s why another tour in the new year over in the US”

Well we wish you the best for the gig latter and hope the rest of the tour goes well!
Dann Brennan

Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Johan Söderberg - Guitars
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitars
Ted Lundström - Bass
Johan Hegg - Vocals

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