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Demure Interview
Interview with Demure
Published by christopherperez
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Demure Interview

One hell of a persistent friend, a skeptical reviewer, a pot of misfortune and an amazing band. It might sound a bit random, but i thought, this is how i would start off interviewing the band, demure.Demure is currently one of the new hottest live acts on the british underground circuit. Demure comprises of Phil on Lead Guitars, John on Vocals/Rhythm Guitars, Chris on Bass and Neil on Drums.

Rock3: Let’s first start out by getting the 411 on demure. How and why were you formed?
Demure: To answer that I guess we have to start at the beginning, Phil (guitarist) and John have known each other since they were 3 years old, they grew up together in Hong Kong until Phil left to the UK after the handover, a year later John moved to the UK. Phil has been playing the guitar since he was 8, and then suggested that John take up the bass and another friend take up the drums so they could start making some music. With the vocal duties fallen on John, we decided to get a bassist, and after some non starters we eventually recruited Chris, only to lose our drummer. Eventually thanks to the internet we got Neil on the drums.

Rock3: What does “d1” mean? And what kind of a theme does demure follow in their songs?
Demure: d1, is our first studio effort, it can mean many things, to us it marks the beginning of something exciting. We try to keep our themes quite ambiguous, that way people can draw their own meanings from our work. We pretty much never discuss themes or meanings for this reason even amongst ourselves. But for us “d1” is a rather lame perception of how it fits into modern society, as if it were the latest must have item, like the “new G1 from T-mobile” or something like that.

Rock3: Describe your songwriting process?
Demure: To be honest that really depends on the song. In the very beginning it was all Phil and John really. With the addition of Chris and Neil, the process is changing and now its amazing, we all input and bring ourselves into the songs. We still go away and write our own riffs and bring them to the table, work on them as a pair, or three. But we have a lot, of songs that have been in the waiting line for a very long time, and we are trying to get them out as quick as possible while trying to book more gigs and promote ourselves.

Rock3: What are the motivation and influences behind creating an alternative rock/grunge sounding type of band?
Demure: The simplest and most obvious answer would be because we love rock music, the shear dynamics of rock music, the grit, the sweat; giving you confidence and the way it makes you want to go mental. It can be hardcore like Mudvayne or it could be soft and somber like the Pumpkins. There is nothing better for venting your anger to, except for… say, sex. We grew up listening to bands like; Nirvana, Korn, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Tool, Incubus, Soundgarden, Rage to name a few, but now we’ve adopted a wider taste for music in general, Prince, Falco, Sade, Depeche Mode, Fleetwood mac, and although our music doesn’t obviously sound much like the later bands, you can tell that there are elements of them in our songs.

Rock3: How do feel your sound is perceived by kids now, especially when the greatest demographic of kids that are into rock are part of this saturated scene of hardcore and emo bands? Who do you feel your demographic is?
Demure: Kids ey? Haha sadly when and where we’ve played gigs they usually have an age restriction of over 18’s only, but if they are listening to the stuff on the myspace we’d like to think we sound different but have that familiar feeling in there. We’ve been told that we sound unique because our songs have so many different elements in them that remind people of other bands; Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Deftones, Incubus, The Cure, Embrace and the Butthole Surfers without being a direct clone. We aren’t hardcore and we are definitely not emo, we have elements of both but we can’t call ourselves either. The obvious answer is that our demographic is who ever likes our music, but promoters seem to have a hard time fitting us into the bill, so we have played to many different crowds; rockers, death metaler’s, emo scremo, and of course indie pop. Of course the best response is from the rockers and emo lovers, the indie crowd just tend to stand there drinking lots of beer no matter who is playing.

Rock3: Do you have any plans of a tour to promote your EP, or any tours you would like to hop on?
Demure: We would all love to go on tour, the problem is that playing doesn’t bring in any money at the moment, and we need to eat, so we are trying to sort out a mini tour round the south of the UK. We are also hoping to reel in some old contacts and get some gigs in Asia.

Rock3: So what kind of feedback have you been getting by promoting demure through myspace and other related independent music platforms on the internet?
Demure: A pretty good one all in all, d1 got released quite recently and we’ve been giving it away for free at gigs to get the music out there. Phil and Chris spent a long time printing labels and sticking them on cds, they had a little help from their friend Jack Daniels, so we’ve had some complaints that the labels not on straight, but most of them are gone now anyways. Myspace is more like a business card, which is useful, as people who are looking for you specifically can find you easily. Other sites such as Last FM, are probably more useful in getting your music out to people, but it can be hard to get your music into the mainstream so the right people will hear it. The internet is a great tool because you can potentially reach billions of people, but in many ways its too vast, so finding what you want especially on music sites is often not that easy.

Rock3: Could you give us a gist about your label Scarecrow records?
Demure: Scarecrow Records is a sister company to Chris’s digital media company Scarecrow Media who are responsible for all the bad ass demure graphics and identity. It would be premature to say too much as we are still in discussions with various parties, but the basic idea is to create a focus for the underground alternative scene in the UK. scarecrowrecords.co.uk is coming soon!

Rock3: How would you describe the music scene and industry here in the UK?
Demure: You can probably tell from our music that we are not avid radio listeners, but mainstream aside in some ways the music scene here is very alive. As you said before the rock scene here is totally saturated, but its no big secret that many bands are simply not worth seeing, which is why nobody really bothers. That makes it hard for promoters who then have to start asking bands to bring their mates, so they can actually make some money. The end result is that the bands with the most friends are perceived to be good, but at the end of the day it makes it hard for you to stand out and hard for anyone to build up a following of genuine fans.

Rock3: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans, or any messages you would like us to know that we haven’t covered?
Demure: To our fans, you are amazing, thanks for all the support you’ve given us, we hope you like the EP and we hope to see you at our next gig.

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