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Eddy Marshburn of Lower Definition talks to Rock3
Interview with Eddy Marshburn - Guitarist
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Eddy Marshburn of Lower Definition talks to Rock3

1. How did the band get together?

Eddy - Back in 2002 my sister introduced me to her friend tino who played bass and drums, we started a band with some of our friends from high school and started playing horrible punk rock songs but we had fun doing it so we never stopped. member change after member change we ended up with the group we have today. Matt Geise-vocals Stefan Toler-bass Tino Arteaga-drums Eddy Marshburn-guitar and Ricardo Escoto-guitar.

2. Where do you all come from?

Eddy - me Tino, Stefan and Ricardo all live in Chula Vista CA just a few minutes from the mexican border and Matt lives in Escondido CA about 45 minutes north of the rest of us.

3. What bands were your greatest influences?

Eddy - well when we started we loved the dirtiest of the dirtiest punk bands, A Global Threat, Crass, stuff like that. AFI, thrice, and those bands who did it all first had a huge influence on my guitar playing and I loved how they carried and operated, their bands just doing what they wanted and playing what they wanted to play.

4. When did you start playing an instrument and what was it?

Eddy - The 7th grade I started playing guitar on my blue Stratocaster Squier that I got for christmas.

5. What was the bands most memorable gig to date?

Eddy - Its probobly a tie between The Geatest Of All Lost Arts cd release or Taste of Chaos and Warped tour. our cd release show was amazing to see, ALL of the kids who have been with us since the beggining come out to a show for us! and sing everyword and just love every minute of it, but the huge shows like warped tour and taste of chaos were unbelievable because we were playing for so many people. so its a tie!

6. What do you do to relax on tour?

Eddy - Watch movies, talk to the homies back home, anything that reminds you of home is relaxing.

7. You have Just released an album are you happy with the fans reaction?

Eddy - we are exstatic! all of our fans seem to be loving it as a whole, I honestly dont remember one negative comment yet, which is really wierd because usually releasing new material opens the door for the haters but it doesnt seem to be happening this time so were stoked.

8. Who writes the songs?

Eddy - I know every band says this but it is honestly all of us as a group, and I know you can notice the difference in the songs, release to release because we've had so many member changes!

9. Have you any plans for the rest of the year?

Eddy - As of right now, we get to go home and take a touring break since weve been on tour for 4 months straight. we hope to just be on tour as much as humanly possible!

10. What is your favourite song of all time?

Eddy - Jeeeeez haha thats a heavy question. I cant even answer that and feel 100% about it haha.

11.What is the bands ideal goal?

Eddy - All we've ever wanted to do was to make music that moves us and the other people enjoy, and so far we've been able to do it on our own scale so for the future we just want to expand and spread what we do to more people worldwide and just keep moving! we know that we are not a fly by night trendy band and we probobly wont sell a zillion records but thats not what we want and I think you can sense that in our music, fo sho.

12.What equipment (manufacturer) does each band member currently use?

Eddy - I (eddy) use marshall amps, gibson guitars, ernie ball strings, boss and zvex pedals, Tino uses truth drums, Stefan uses fender basses and ampeg amps, and Ricardo uses marshall amps and gibson guitars. the good ****, you know! sponsor us (cough cough)

13.Who has the worst habit?

Eddy - hmmm smoking cigarettes is probobly the worst habit, we're just too clean and shower and dont do drugs and stuff so I dunno!

14. Have you any plans to tour overseas in the next year?

Eddy - Only in our dreams! haha we really hope to go over to every country possible asap and do it real big!

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