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EPICUREAN John Laramy talks to Rock3
Interview with John Laramy of Epicurean 20-07-2008
Published by Rock3
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EPICUREAN John Laramy talks to Rock3

1. How did the band get together?

-Well, there was an old Epicurean that our drummer (John Gensmer) was a part of a few years back. Then when that band broke up he started holding auditions for the remaining members. I was the first of the new members, we had some different temporary or “fill-in” members along the way to finding the lineup we have now.

2. Where do you all come from?

-We’re all from in or around Minneapolis, Minnesota.

3. What bands were your greatest influences?

-Oh, there’s so many. Our influences are really different depending on which one of you you ask. We’re all pretty into 70’s progressive stuff like Kansas and early Genesis, up to Symphony X and Dream Theater, throw in a little At The Gates and Dimmu Borgir… Like I said, I could go on all day with influences, haha.

4. When did you start playing an instrument and what was it?

-I first started playing when I was about 4… I got a little kid-sized guitar and took piano lessons for a bit before just committing to the guitar..

5. What was the bands most memorable gig to date?

-I would say the New England Metal and Hardcore fest in 2007. Not that that was the “best” show, but it was our first real taste of what we had been working for. That was right after we signed with Metal Blade, so that was kind of when it all sank in, you know?

6. What do you do to relax on tour?

-Drink! Haha. That and smoke a lot of cigarettes, haha. We have a TV/Video game setup in our mini-bus, so we do a lot of that and watch a lot of movies. Everyone kind of has their own thing. You pretty much just have to learn to switch your brain off when you’re out on the road because you’ll die of boredom if you don't.

7. tell us about your current album, how long did it take to record?

-We were REALLY rushed actually, just due to having NO recording budget. So if you combine the original session with the second session to track the 2 new songs, the record was recorded in 8 days. Pretty much everything is 1 or 2 takes, so we really had to blaze through the process.

8. Who writes the songs?

-Pretty much everyone plays their own role in the writing. Everyone has something to contribute.

9. Have you any plans for the rest of the year?

-Right now, we had some issues with the summer tours, so unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be out on the road over the summer. So we’ve been putting in some long hours writing for the next record. There aren’t any recording plans or anything like that, but we’re keeping busy and just taking the time to make sure that we can craft a follow-up record that we’re all proud of.

10.What is your favourite song of all time?

-“Alison” by Elvis Costello. I don’t even think I could tell you why that is, but that’s just always been my favorite, I can never get sick of it.

11.What is the bands ideal goal?

-To be supreme overlords of Earth… But other than that, just to keep doing what we’re doing. We got into this because we love making music, and more importantly making music that has a genuine effect on people, and as long as we have the opportunity to continue doing that, then we’ve accomplished our goal.

12.What equipment (manufacturer) does each band member currently use?

-John Gensmer uses: Mapex drums, Sabian Cymbals, Pro Mark Sticks and Evans heads. Jarod Mills: Engl Amps, Ibanez Guitars, DR Strings, Genz Benz Cabs. Jared Schneider: Korg and Yamaha keyboards. Eli Pete: All Carvin (Bass, Head, Cab) and DR Strings. Bill Hudson uses: Ibanez Guitars, Mesa Amps, Rocktron Effects. John Laramy: Shure Wireless mic, in-ear systems and Ultimate Ears ear pieces.

13.Who has the worst habit?

-ELI!!! He snores like you cannot even imagine!!! When you get crammed into that little bus with that it is so impossible to sleep!!! Haha

Thank you for taking the time to do this with me!!!!

-John Laramy (vocals)

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