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Jann Klose Interview at The Yardbird Birmingham 2008
Mel Flavell Interviews Jann Klose
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Jann Klose Interview at The Yardbird Birmingham 2008

I had not thought this through. A week ago I reviewed Jannís CD ĎReverieí, and within this I referred to him as an ĎAdonisí and I may have mentioned Iíd quite like to have his babies. Now here I was sat with him for an interview. I had been pre-briefed by Jannís press agent that he loved to chat and may go off on a tangent. She was right. We easily chatted about life, music and The Muppet Show!

Mel: How are you enjoying your first tour in the UK?

Jann: Oh I love it. People have been very nice and very receptive, and thanks to good press people have been coming to shows. The fact this is happening is great. I will defiantly come back to the UK. It is hoped next time Iím here Iíll be teaming up with a French artist for the European leg of the tour. I hope that one day soon Iíll also tour South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Mel: As you know from my review of your CD, I loved Reverie. Can you pick a track you would call your favourite? Also what inspired it?

Jann: That would be difficult. Beautiful Dream, Watching You Go, and Ithaca are all favourites of mine. Beautiful Dream came to me when I woke in the night once. I thought it was someone elseís song but then woke up properly and realised it wasnít so I recorded it quickly onto my phone and worked on it the next day. Sometimes that happens, it just kind of appears. Although a few nights ago this happened again and I didnít make a note of it and I was really mad as I couldnít recall it. It sucks when that happens.

Mel: How would you describe your writing process?

Jann: Much inspiration is from personal experiences, although I watch the world and see the things that go on. It usually begins as a melody, sometimes a phrase comes with it. I start putting it together like a puzzle. When possible I have to turn off the phone and shut away the world to give it my full attention.

Mel: If you could write for another artist, who would it be?

Jann (after a little encouragement): If I could write for another artist I would most like to write for Bonnie Raitt. That would be fun. I love her voice. Sheís awesome.

Mel: What are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

Jann: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I love her voice and Robert Plant mixes a lot of modern styles, and the album producer T Bone Burnett is also one of my favourites for his focus on sonics, taking each instrument and spending a lot of time on their sound. That process is exciting to me. Prince was one of my early inspirations based on his exciting performance, and I was also inspired by 70s folk and African music. Iím really into beats and eclectic sounds. Stewart Lerman and James Frazee really helped my artistic vision on Reverie with the way they helped to develop the tracks in line with my mental picture for the over all feel of the album.

Mel: You had a strict upbringing which didnít encourage you musically, so how did you come to be a musician?

Jann: Yeah, it was not encouraged. I used to hide in department stores listening to music and playing with the keyboards until they kicked me out. On an exchange to Cleveland I joined a choir and started playing. From there I developed my talent and interests.

Mel: Are you one of these musicians who can pick up any instrument and play it?

Jann: No, Iím not.

Mel: Are you not tempted when recording by all the instruments that are around?

Jann: If no one is about Iíll have a go on the drums.

Mel: I donít blame you, Iíve always wanted to do that, like Animal out of the Muppets.
Jann: Did you want to be animal?
Mel: No, he was my first crush and I used to dye my hair pink.
Jann: I would have wanted to be Kermit.
At this point we digressed. Iíll spare you the details.

Mel: What would you say was your biggest challenge?

Jann: Staying sane, mainly because of the touring. Life is complex. Trying to be able to see past yourself, especially when you start getting so busy. Itís hard to find much time to reflect. You have to ask ďWhat is important to do now?Ē But this is part of it. I have to take the good with the bad. If Iím going to live this lifestyle then this is going to happen. As soon as one thing is done then Iím on to the next, and it is important. Itís worth it.

Mel: What advice would you give to anyone who aspires to the kind of life you lead?

Jann: Try not to let the little things get you down. And if you can help it, try not to let the big things get you down either. If you really want it, you need to stay focussed and keep doing it. The obstacles will lessen, and there is always a workload, but itís a great feeling when you can see you are getting somewhere. I go through these moments when I wonder why Iím doing this, but they go quickly, and I donít feel this very often now. I donít let it get me down or control me. You have to accept that a negative voice in your head is just from a ****ty day. Generally I have a very positive outlook.

Did I ask him to be my one and only? No, that will have to be my own secret Reverie!

©Meriel Flavell 2008

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