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Brigade Interview at the Birmingham Academy 30/05/08
Interview with James, Andy and Will of Brigade
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Brigade Interview at the Birmingham Academy 30/05/08

After waiting a month or two I finally get to interview Brigade, After their awesome display supporting Aiden they are on tour again supporting Fightstar, after the sound check we go back to the dressing room to get down to the nitty gritty of life on the road, the farting of Nathan, living in the shadow of Charlie and playing the Mecca of rock music, Castle Donnington.
The initial questions of “how’s the tour going ?” and about the release of the new album “ come morning we fight” are met with a real enthusiasm, they are all very excited and with the album being well received I can understand why. I then hit them between the eyes with..

Q “Your playing the worlds Mecca of rock music, Castle Donnington, how does that feel?”

A. (it’s met with a long drawn out yeeaaahhh, almost a sigh)
James…this has been a dream of mine, my dad used to take me there, well the monsters of rock , we are all delighted.
Will…we are all almost 30 so it’s unreal to get the chance.
They are all excited and scared ****less at the same time, must be a great feeling though…..

Q…How did you all meet up?
A…Will…its all a bit long winded , I went to Bristol trying to get a band together after uni but after a year I moved to London and met a guy in a café who put me onto a Japanese guy, originally it was me and 2 Japanese guys, I couldn’t do all the guitars by myself and James was back home in another band, he said he would help out, I managed to steal 2 guys so it was sad but also kind a sweet, (laughs), Fin left and Andy joined just over a year ago now, so that’s quick version.

Q…What and who inspired you along the way?

A…James…AC/DC at the age about 8, went through Bon Jovi / Guns n Roses, then onto to Metallica
Andy…my parents were into classic kind of bands, Crosby Stills and Nash / Led Zep / all the classic albums really.
Will…Guns n Roses into Nirvana and Tool.

Q…Who writes the lyrics and puts the music together?
A…Musically we all have brought riffs, we work on it all together, (will) lyrically, I tend to do it all, I find it hard to sing somebody else’s songs, (Andy)this album we had done all our homework and got everything sorted. it was all done previously before entering the studio, so we just had to nail the performance in the studio, (James) we did a lot of pre-production, we knew exactly what we were doing.

Q…How would you describe your sound or genre?
A…Will..people take the piss but I like “big anthemic rock music” it’s a straight forward heavy sound based rock music, its all about the songs, big walled guitars and infectious melodies.

Q…What do you hate being labeled as?
A…Emo / metal we always pride ourselves as a band you can’t easily pigeon hole, there’s no gimmicks with us, we are trying to appeal to everyone, not just 14yr old girls but adults, we want to stand alone like biffy/placebo/oceansize and tool, they are bands that don’t have a specific tag, they are all just rock bands. (James) we played in Stoke the other week, we had a 40yr old street teamer working for us, that shows we are appealing to everyone.

Q…What’s your top 3 tunes at the moment?

A…Deathcat/tool and the new “Jimmy eat world”

Q…How do you relax on tour?
A…(will) Do you have any suggestions? (laughs) we need to do some yoga and calm down I think, no really, guitar hero, we read a lot, watch dvds and we do a lot of sleeping …(Andy) I've got this power ball thing, it’s a gyroscope you hold in your hand, the faster it goes the neon light shines, its quite therapeutic.

Q…Who’s got the worst on tour habit?
A…(they all answer together and immediately ) Nathan , our merch guy , you wouldn’t believe it, his farting !! (will) I suppose im a faffer, im always, can you give me 2 mins, which is normally 10 …

Q.. Any plans to tour overseas?
A…(will) hopefully will, it all depends on this campaign, possibly Europe by the end of the year, then we will see, we get people from Belgium / France & Germany come over for our gigs, we would love to do Japan, obviously for our bass player Naoto .

Q…You all have very different images, not all the same cloned look
A…That’s really nice to hear, we are not trendy, we don’t look stylish, it’s definitely substance over style.

Q…Most memorable gig to date?
A…(will & James) We have our own, Hyde park calling, our first gig, (Will to Andy on his first gig with new line up ) yeah you were ****ting yourself before your first gig (Andy) yeah, I did lose a few pounds before we went on stage (everyone laughs) I got through it though …Leeds on tour with fightstar, it was just after busted split, so there was a lot there to see Charlie, but we got a great reaction, it felt like we were headlining ….

Q…So you like touring with fightstar?

A…(will) I found it hard in 06, mentally, I found it hard, all the living in the shadow thing, I didn’t mentally deal with it very well, in terms of touring with them, its been great, we all get on like a house on fire.

Q…Do you feel hindered by Charlie and the Fightstar connection?
A…It’s a double edged sword, some of it has been horrendous, journalist still do it, “oh brigade, the mini fightstar“ that was until he heard us, its meant that people have stayed away and haven’t wanted to give us a chance. At the same time though, we have had the opportunity to tour, and people have looked into the band because of it, so it’s a blessing and a curse ….

Q..The future for brigade?
A…We’ve got a headline tour coming up in July, be nice to headline again before the end of the year and to be at the next level, get out into Europe, to really feel like our fan base is growing, when we play the academy bar next, if there’s more people there than last time I’ll be happy, if not, we’ve gota find out where we are going wrong, continue to grow, everything feels in place, critics have loved the new stuff, lets hope everyone else does……

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting & interviewing Brigade, they have a great honesty about what they do, very open, not avoiding anything, their music is the same as their personalities, straight talking rock music, this band really do need checking out live, this is where it all comes alive, they transform from the much softer studio outfit into a real rock band where you can hear all the influences combine, in my opinion they are and will stand alone from the mini Fightstar tag, “Come Morning We Fght” the battle has commenced .

Brigade are:

Will Simpson - Vocals/Guitar
James Plant - Guitar/Vocals
Naoto Hori - Bass
Andrew Kearton - Drums

Interview by James Hope with Brigade
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By Daveyt on 09-07-2008
Awesome interview and photos, I'd never heard of Brigade before now, so..the lead singer is Charlies brother? that must suck when it comes to press..i can see what he means by living in the shadows but they have their own good sound and good on them for carrying on!
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