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Reactionary Underground Monster
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Djevara is a reaction. - A reaction against alternative rock being taken over by an Establishment of Corporations offering pre-packaged rebellion in cellophane wrap, always with a pretty, smiling face and sell-by date. It's a reaction offering an alternative perspective, one completely at odds with established industry rules - we don't and don't want to fit the "Caucasion male middle-class stylised model" formulae, or the "sex/drugs/rock n roll" cliches which have nothing to do with the essence of the music we enjoy. If you're of independent mind, enjoy metal/punk/rock/alternative, give a damn, and are willing to **** with the set program, then welcome to our world.

Djevara, playing by their own rules and guided only by passion and determination, have swiftly become one of the most recognised bands in the British underground, with a DIY "get up and go" ethos (that saw them organise SCUMFEST amongst other events). Lead protagonist Bass even set up Orange & Blue Promotions to promote bands in the scene, as well the Genin collective record label through which Djevara's debut was released in Feb 2004, using funds raised entirely by fans.

Though inspired by punk rock philosophy, Djevara have a modern melting pot genre-less view of music, and touch upon subject matter that is broad in scope but personal in perspective (there IS no separation between the personal and the political). The resulting album, "God Is White", is as unassuming as it is a powerful statement of furious, ironic intent, receiving excellent reviews while the band continue to tour relentlessly - selling boxes of their records on the road, building on their reputation as an unmistakable and unique force in the UK underground, building on radio airplay (local, regional and national including Radio 1), rave reviews in national and regional press, huge country spanning tours and an ever-growing army of dedicated fans across the world.

Bass Says:
"Djevara is often described, simplistically, as a 'political band'. In a relative world, this is probably true, but I'm not sure it tells you all you need to know. It's understandable, even the word "Djevara" was very deliberately chosen for the band; roughly translated from some ancient language, it means 'the end of intolerance and the beginning of justice'. However, sometimes this description ("political") is spat out in the pejorative sense like some kind of contagious disease - immediately evoking all kinds of assumptions in people's minds."

1. How did the band first meet each other
Bass: Well, I'm the founding member as well as the only original member left. I started recruiting during my first week at university, and these guys have been picked up along the way.

2. what bands were your greatest influences

Bass: Like many others in my generation, the act that originally made me want to be in a band was Nirvana (and REM). After that I started to delve in to more and more alternative music, and developed heavier and heavier tastes. At the moment, though my roots are firmly grounded in rock, I listen to almost everything except commercial pop. However, I think my biggest influence attitude-wise come from Fugazi & Bob Marley.
Erd: Rage, Tool, blah blah

3. when did you first start playing an instrument and what was it?

Erd: I've been banging as far as i can remember, but drumming aside then it would be 12 and it was a saxophone
Bass: I got into making music very late - first picked up a guitar just before uni, an acoustic Kimbara which I still have.

4. what was the bands most memorable gig to date?

Erd: Proberbly Cov with the cheerleaders, or the underworld
Bass: For me, certainly our final farewell gig at Warwick Uni. There were hundreds of people, loads of whom we knew well, and the atmosphere was amazing. We played for two hours - and then they made us do an encore, even though this meant repeating tunes 'cos we had already played everything we knew already! (This was before Geoff or Kiara joined).

5. If you could choose to share a stage with another band who would it be.

Erd: For me, System Of A Down
Bass: Fugazi.

6. what do you do to relax when on tour

Erd: 'ave a biffda
Bass: I can't relax on tour.

7. which country would you like to spend time gigging in.

Erd: All of them
Bass: Anywhere outside the UK.

8. what is your favourite song of all time

Erd: Don't know
Bass: Same as him.

9. have you any new releases lined up for 2005?

Bass: Depends. We certainly have a lot of new material being written which it would be good to get recorded at some time but there are financial issues.

10. what is the bands ideal goal?

Bass: Just to be the best band we can, to create meaningful music as a genuine expression of art, and finding a way to get our music to people who appreciate it (however many that may be). To exist. I don't care how corny that sounds, but I couldn't care less for wannabe rock stars.

11. what equipment ( manufactuer ) does each band member currently use?

Bass: Ibanez Jem 555, Line 6 POD + Crown 402 Power Amp, Marshall 1960A cab
Erd uses and abuses; Premier Drums, Remo Heads, Pearl Snare, stands and pedals, Diamond cutter stix, Aheadstix and a mixture of Istanbul, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
Geoff: Music Man Silhouette + Marshall Mode Four
Kiara: Music Man Stingray, Laney 300w head + 1x15 cab

12. who has the worst habit?

Erd: Don't know
Bass: They all ****ing smoke.

13. What are the band members favourite drinks?

Erd: Brandy or Rum
Bass: Ginger beer/Orange juice

14. What sort of food do the band eat when on tour?

Bass: Whatever the budget allows. The healthier the better - try to avoid fast food.

Current Members :
Bass (vox/guitar/protagonist
Erd (Drums)
Geoff (guitar)
Cal (bass guitar)

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By Rock3 on 02-04-2011
Djevara New Material From The Album The Rising Tide (part2)

Djevara released a collage for the track 'Most of The People, Most of The Time' taken from the album The Rising Tide (Part 2) : Hear No Evil

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