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Johnny Panic 2005
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Johnny Panic 2005

1. How did the band first meet each other
I met jonny first on a 51 bus that runs from woolwich to orpington. He was wearing a depeche mode tee-shirt and my elder sister had just taken me to see DM (as had his brother), i recognised him from classes but he was in the year above me, so we had never spoken to him. We started a DM conversation and this soon turned into a fully blown chat about bands, that lasted for hours. Nash was jonny's mate's friend and when we first met him he looked like steve marriot of the small faces. he was also into bands, like the who, jam, SF, stones, kinks, beatles. So nash was our mod, jonny was our indie kid, me the punk, we just needed our rock guy..... It was at least a year into our friendship before we started a band and began to learn instruments. We needed a guitarist and matt, a fellow drinker at jonny's pub and lover of all things rock, played, and then, only then was JP born.

2. what bands were your greatest influences
The clash, manics, g n r, public enemy, sex pistols, jimmy eat world, mansan, beach boys, smashing pumpkins, beatles, the jam, at the drive in, jeff buckley, 4 tops, jerry lee lewis, my chemical romance, the who, nirvana the hitchers.

3. when did you first start playing an instrument and what was it
well jonny, nash and i all started on the same day, it was guitar for me, drums for jonny and bass for nash. matt started playing guitar when he was 14.

4. You have an Album out soon, whats it called
The Album is called 'The Violent Dazzling' and we recorded it in 11 days with Al Clay ( Pixies, A) at the Parkgate studios in Hastings, great fun! and it's been released on the 9th May 2005.

5. what was the bands most memorable gig to date
Marquee the last date of the kerrang tour, i climbed from jonnys drums to a hanging bar pulled myself up climbed to the top of the balcony and came in on time for the last chorus. Every one wondered will he/won't he jump and i did. There was no following that and the last band couldn't.

6. If you could choose to share a stage with another band who would it be.
Foo fighters

7. what do you do to relax when on tour
rob- press ups
matt- talk ****
jonny- drink
nash- sleep

8. which country would you like to spend time gigging in.
USA and the UK

9. what is your favourite song of all time
matt- rock n roll suicide, david bowie
rob- be my baby, ronettes
jonny- london girls, chas n dave
nash- wild horses, rolling stones

10. what is the bands ideal goal
good music and a productive youth movement

11. what equipment ( manufactuer ) does each band member currantly use
jonny- pearl, saibian
matt- gibson/marshall
nash- fender/ampeg
rob fender/messa boogie

12. who has the worst habit
jonny, he has many. he's a mans man so, he chomps, farts (all the time), snores and rubs his body in st. ives body cream.

13. What are the band members favourite drinks
rob- chocolate milk
nash- guiness
jonny- guiness/aftershock
matt- jd and coke

14. What sort of food do the band eat when on when on tour
****..........i eat tins of soup, cold.
15. What are your pet hates
snoring, farting, chomping and people who rub their body in cream.

16. Does anyone have hobbys outside the band I do taekwondo, have done for 13 years
Jonny goes to the working mans club
Matt reads readers wives
Nash paints (he does all the JP artwork, cd design).
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