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Rattlesnake Remedy
Interview with Rattlesnake Remedy
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Rattlesnake Remedy

Influenced by such rock n' roll legends as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Pantera and Black Sabbath, with a more modern sound likened to Audioslave and Velvet Revolver, Rattlesnake Remedy are a hard rock band born through frustration and anger.

A tight-knit group of fresh, talented musicians with the full intent to bring rock and roll back for good. Their music is as decadent and hard hitting as every generation of rock bands should be, with a stage show stronger than any of their peers. Whether it's hip-driven innuendo, soaring vocal melodies or down and dirty rock n' roll; Rattlesnake Remedy has something for everyone.

Rattlesnake Remedy Q/A

1. How did the band get together?
Dave - At a Spice girls gig.
Ben - I believe I was poached from another band.
Mark - I went to school with Dave & Lee, after that we kinda lost touch. We bumped into each other at a Backyard Babies gig.
Matt - I got talkin to lee in a nightclub because he looked cool. I asked him if he played any instruments, to which he replied "you want the list?". I loved him instantly.
Lee - We all knew each other from the Birmingham rock-scene.

2. Where do you all come from?
Dave - Up our own arses
Ben - We're all Birmingham boys, or thereabouts.

3. What bands were your greatest influences?
Lee - Mostly old music, blues and rock.
Ben - Led Zeppelin, bluuueesss!
Dave - Floyd, Free, Zeppelin, Silverchair, G n' R.
Mark - The first live band I ever saw was Black Sabbath - I've never been the same since...The Rolling Stones, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith...this list could get too long to print!
Matt - We all have a common love of the blues.

4. When did you start playing an instrument and what was it?
Ben - I think I started playin with my instrument when I was about 10, during an episode of Baywatch...
Mark - I was 13, maybe 14 when I picked up a guitar. I used to turn my amp up till it was near enough tearing your face off & play along to Sabbath records all day. Thatís pretty much all I ever cared about doing
Matt - I took up bass when I was 16, and learned Queen Greatest Hits 1 and 2 note for note.

5. What was the bands most memorable gig to date?
Ben - Always the last one...memory isnít one of our strong points.
Mark - The one that sticks in my mind the most is when we played at the Civic in Wolverhampton. I'd seen Pantera there when I was 16 so that was a head-****. I remember walking in when it was empty, looking round in awe thinking: "this place is ****in massive!"
Matt - Watching Malmsteen shout at his sound guy was quite entertaining too.
Lee - Nottingham Rock City was awesome, but The Empire in Belfast tops the bill.

6. What do you do to relax on tour?
Dave - Ignore my band mates and drink till I can't see their ugly faces!
Matt - Watch "virtual jenna"!
Ben - Pester mark to skin up.
Lee - Drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

7. Your promo EP Got rave reviews and I hear you have a single due out in May, what is the single called?
Ben - Yeah, the CD was a limited edition tour EP which we sold at gigs, they sold out at every gig an we've discontinued it now. The single will be "Drag You Down" which was the title track on the EP, due for release in the UK & Ireland May 1st 2006.

7. You also have an album due for release this year, have you got a title yet, and how long did it take to record?
Ben - We've got about half of it recorded so far...we're back in the studio early May to finish it off...working title..."Circus Off"

8. Who writes the songs?
Matt - We all pitch in here and there, but Ben and Lee are the main songwriters.
Ben - Usually we all get together, get inebriated an just see what happens. Great music comes when you stop thinking about it and let it make itself...that is art. We never sit down an say...right lets make a hit single.
Mark - We're always jamming & throwing ideas around.
Ben - We feed off each other...

9. Have you toured overseas yet?, and Which country would you like to spend time gigging in?
Ben - Yeah, we spent a week in Finland and we've played Ireland too, I'd love to spend some time giggin in Amsterdam...oh yeah, we're doing that next week!
Lee - I would really love to play Japan

10. What is your favourite song of all time?
Lee - Magic Man!!
Ben - At the moment a Zakk Wylde song called "Damage is Done" from Hangover Music Vol. IV
Matt - "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd. Never forget the first time I heard that.
Dave - The one I wrote last week, other than that.....too many to choose.
Mark - Every song brings a different feeling, a different emotion, theres too many to pick just one.

11. What is the bands ideal goal?
Lee - World domination, we're not asking for to much are we?
Mark - To be able to earn a decent living from doing something you love.
Matt - To be on The Simpsons.

12. What equipment (manufacturer) does each band member currently use?
Dave - Premier
Ben - The old Gibson/Marshall combo
Mark - Its gotta be gibson and marshall all the way.
Matt - I use Musicman and Fender basses through an EBS rig.

13. Who has the worst habit?
Lee - Too many to mention them all, but Mark makes funny noises with his nose!
Matt - Marks bizarre growling noises need to be sorted out.
Mark - Ben picks his nose and eats it!
Ben - Dave continues to tell this awful joke which only he gets and insists is hilarious...
Dave - Ben stinks! Is that a habit?

Lee Stone - Vocals
Ben Bartlett - Guitar
Mark Buckler - Guitar
Matt Birch - Bass
Dave Ballard - Drums

Review of 'Drag You Down'
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