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Rock3 09-10-2009 01:36 PM

Senser - How To Do Battle
Opening the album proper with the massive call to arms 'Resistance Now' after the conditional intro we are reminded just how damned good this band has been in the past, and Resistance Now lets the world know that they are back and there is still no compromise.

The band have always championed the downtrodden and highlighted government excess's but to slam home the message takes belief in what you say, Senser have not mellowed their instinctive abhorrence of oppression which is presented throughout the album in 13 vital songs.

The second song Brightest Rays is in total contrast to the Rock of 'Resistance Now', showing of their hip hop credentials in such a classy way shows that Senser know what it is all about, kerstin's contrasting sweet vocals is so damning how can you not agree, just to remind us all that Senser have bollocks we then jump back to a harder edge with '2 3 Clear' which is such a popular rabble rousing live song that it is a must to hear and cheer for.

The album and all 13 songs run in the same vein, berating the world leaders for doing nothing but sound bites unless it comes to protecting their own wealth, but doing it against a backdrop of great tunes, chant along lyrics and a conscious pricking stance that we should all be subjected to at least once. With a DIY attitude Senser and How To Do Battle is vibrant and bang up to date with its melodic inclusive hip hop rock, so make sure you check it out.

Heitham Al sayed - Vocals
Kerstin Haigh - Vocals
James Barrett - Bass
Nick Michaelson - Guitar
Andy Clinton - Decks
Johnny Morgan - Drums

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Rock3 14-09-2010 10:11 PM

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Rock3 11-04-2011 07:19 PM

Senser video Resistence NOW
Resistence Now taken from the album How To Do Battle

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