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Fightstar - Mercury Summer EP
Published by theichimaru
Author review
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Average 76%

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Fightstar - Mercury Summer EP

Fightstar opened the door for their new album by releasing this ultra-friendly (they have lot's of songs on their new album 'Be Human' that they could have released but this is definitely one of the more marketable). On one hand I think they could have released a different one but on the other they need to play the game like everyone else.

The main song, 'Mercury Summer', opens with some gentle guitar riffery and Charlie's distinct voice (is it possible for a voice to have bushy eyebrows?), melodic and poignant, to bring the listener to their knees. His vocal range is slightly limited but the sound he does have is so great it doesn't really have any effects. The bridge is slightly bubble gum 'What do you expect to see/Everytime you look at me/I know it's/Going to be alright' and this does NOT appeal to me greatly. The chorus is nice and soft sounding as well, a bit more catchy than the aforementioned bridge... For me this song is far too nice, especially considering I've heard some of their much more brutal and dark B-Sides. It's a great introduction to the album none the less so make sure you follow it up and have a listen to 'Be Human' asap.

The second song, 'Athea', starts with melancholic piano played against a background of a gentle stormy ocean.. and then Charlie comes in with eerie vocals, incredibly softly spoken. There are no other instruments used through this first verse, just Charlie's voice echoing across a vast chasm. They bring in some gentle guitar and percussion for the chorus and then, as quickly as they came, they fade to be replaced by the piano. I love Fightstar's ability to play more than just metal and heavy stuff. I could argue the case that this song is better than Mercury Summer - it doesn't get mixed between softness and metal like that song does. Charlie can't really convey happiness in his songs - his voice is steeped in thick emotion and desperation. Not the markings of happiness. This song is definitely one you'll be listening too more than once.

'We Left tracks Of Fire' is the third and final new release on this EP and Charlie takes a rest so that Alex Westaway can come and take the reins. His style is much more gentle and reserved and the song itself barely goes louder than a whisper. The instruments are smooth backgrounds with very gentle guitar and bass use. It's a very gentle song but I think Charlies vocals will be more yours - and my - bag.

The final two tracks are versions of Mercury Summer that are worth a listen. The first is an acoustic and the second is a funky remix. Both are worth a listen.

Band List
Charlie Simpson - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys
Alex Westaway - lead guitar, vocals
Dan Haigh - bass guitar
Omar Abidi - drums, percussion

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  #1 (permalink)  
By Allweiss on 26-08-2009
I bought this single and now have the album, good stuff, although i hope Fightstar dont evolve into anything softer, we need intelligent bands saying something important, to many bubble crap bands out there sqeezzing money from the uninterested
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  #2 (permalink)  
By Rock3 on 14-08-2010
Fightstar with the A City on Fire video

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