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Cradle of Filth - Godspeed on the Devils Thunder
Released 27th October 2008
Published by Rock3
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Average 90%

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Cradle of Filth - Godspeed on the Devils Thunder

Cradle of Filth or COF for short which in London slang can be used as '*uck off = COF' play their role with a pomp that comes with a longevity and perhaps originality that few can match. Originating in Suffolk it is no surprise that it spawned a fellow as weirdly fascinated with the images of 'the other side' as Dani 'Filth'. And with his genius for portrayal of an image he has been able to indulge his musical creativity within that role.

COF bring style to the extreme metal genre that I hope they continue to do for the next twenty years, just to make it impossible for anyone to try and emulate and outdo them. The album Godspeed On The Devils Thunder opens with 'In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs' which is a dark operatic musical intro with a little narrative before erupting into 'Shat Out Of Hell' with a small bark Dani then screams and growls his way through the next five minutes to a back drop of speed pedal and exploding drum patterns, the now standard operatic synths produce a 'wall of sound' backdrop while the metal guitars play rapid complex riffery's, and all done in the best possible taste!.

Track three 'The Death Of Love' opens with a small dark verse before some nice chugging metal guitar work opens the song proper with male and female vocals revolving around each others answers, both songs giving a good modicum of head nodding metal against the passionate Gothic romanticism. The forth track 'The 13th Caesar' ups the tempo and brings more myth to an extreme metal tune, 'Tiffauges' another little Gothic grandeur ditty with legendary ascertains to Black beard sets the atmosphere for 'Tragic Kingdom' and the use of blood curdling screams as backing vocals and a nice little guitar solo that will encourage you to add the song to your favourite playlist. I must pause and say that the album has 13 tracks (obviously) and we are only upto the sixth song and already there is enough to make the album a buy.

'Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder' is riddled with song titles that sound like an encyclopedia of legendary and fictional assertions and ending with the little tune entitled Corpseflower which any band who wants to be associated with dark/black metal has to do at least once, and is that an incantation to raise the devil I heard at the beginning of 'Sweetest Maleficia', naw couldn't be. I will not spoil it for you, but once you have bought the album I suggest that you Google the titles and widen your knowledge to enrich your education.

An album that will widen the bands fanbase while keeping current fans happy with this stylish release and a must for any budding gothic or extreme metal head.

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