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DanReviewer 15-11-2008 01:21 PM

Slaves To Gravity - Meantime - 1 track Epic
Slaves to Gravity - Meantime

‘Slaves To Gravity’ are a rock / grunge outfit from London, U.K. and they are truly awesome. Where was this band in the 90’s grunge era? The vocals are a match for Cornell, Staley and Vedder and they drive heavy riffs into a wall of power, supplied from the thunderous drums and the mighty vocal. ‘Meantime’ is 3 minutes and 22 seconds of pure genius and I can’t get enough of it. Released on their own label Gravitas records I can’t stress how brilliant this band are. I find myself in the privileged position of owning their album 'Scatter The Crow', meaning I can listen to Slaves To Gravity 24 hours a day! Consider yourself out of touch with music until you own a copy of their album. ‘Meantime’ is just one stand out track amongst a goldmine of pure epic’s – buy it now and do yourself the greatest favour. What more can I say about this band? I think that Slaves To Gravity should be considered an inspiration to any new band setting out. Remarkable.

Check out their MySpace for more information.

Interview with Slaves To Gravity

Slaves To Gravity are:

Vocals: Tommy Gleeson
Guitar: Mark Verney
Bass: Toshi Ogawa
Drums: Jason Thomopoulos

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