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The Defiled - The Defiled EP
Published by Shredder
Author review
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Average 70%

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The Defiled - The Defiled EP

This band bring an energetic and terrifying sound to the fore on their three track EP. This five piece from London are someone you wouldn't want to be listening to alone at night.. not only would you start jumping at the slightest noise but you might start jumping up and down like a maniac as an outlet for the raw energy flowing into your brain. On the first song, 'Red Tape', Stitch D vocalises and screams without mercy. He warns you that if he goes down, you will be going with him... and you don't doubt the malice and intent behind his words!

The first song is really made into what it is by Hans on the drums - pounding away with a manic energy that ups the heart rate and gets you sweating. Their is an interesting input into this song with the sound of decks and synth FX and it must be said that this is really well done - it could be seriously out of place and strange but this band combine everything together in a way that guarantees some future success. It's like Linkin Park who eat furry animals. It's like Slipknot but with people who have the guts to show their ugly, rage-disfigured faces. Their second track, 'Permanent Reminder', starts in a very Slipknot like way, shooting out beats and then descending into some half spoken half shrieked chants amongst a backing of rough grunts and growls. There's a haunting bit where the guitar sound takes a back seat and the whole band chant as one - almost as if possessed.

It is a truly awesome single, and the FX just add to the terrifying maniacal feel the song has to it. Their final track, 'The End Of Innocence' has Stitch going for a more melodic sound in his vocalisations. The song ebbs and flows and isn't as strong as the first two on the EP, which would be guaranteed to turn a moshing crowd into a blood lusting orgy for destruction. This is the kind of band who have groupies backstage on ****ing leads and dog collars, with whips lining the walls. This is the band you don't want your kids to listen too. This is the band YOU listen too without telling them!

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