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Exoterik - Raping The Reverie / Are You Alive
Release date May 12th 2008
Published by Rock3
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Exoterik - Raping The Reverie / Are You Alive

This double 'A' side EP released on the 'Holier Than Thou' label starts with some ethereal keyboard noise in the background while the lead singer Anneka Latta serenades. You wonder what direction this band is looking to go in until the guitars and drums explode into life with gusto. This mournful sound, combined with the clarity of the lyrics, combine and make a strong offering.

The ethereal keyboard and vocal combo is a running theme throughout the song, with the heaviest instruments saved for the chorus. Latta sings with sorrow and heart but you do feel that there is a limited range that her vocals could excel at - although this is definitely within her range. The instrumental halfway through the song is so deep and slow that you can see this really be the song of choice for people in despair. The lyrics speak of the humbling of someone with a broken heart, thrown down into despair with a broken heart.

The single is nice and long so has time to fit a lot of different things in - at about 5:00, another instrumental goes on and the backing transcendence of the despairing Latta on keyboard really captures the mood of darkness. The song ends in this vein, a keyboard whine fading out. The second bonus single taken from their new album 'Don't Swallow' (you wonder how much of a influence Latta had on the album title... hopefully she remained friends with whatever member of the band gave her this idea..) is titled 'Are you Alive' and starts with a much more up pace beat and riffery. Anneka has to now change her style slightly to a more fast paced growling style of vocals. The drumming in this song is exceptional and Steve Riley ties the song together with the prodigal skill he expresses.

The keyboard use in this single is limited and I feel all the better for it.. even though it's always there in the background, more impetus is put on the awesome drumming and the flowing bass line of Davey Parry. The chorus really brings out an animalistic sound in Latta and she takes up the role of the manic seamstress with an excellent performance here. Both of these singles definitely have the potential to be brilliantly received by a fan base well into the melodic unhappiness Latta puts into her voice and it's my hope that we see their forthcoming album out soon - 2008 is the year they've set and we're more or less running out of months! This band have made an excellent effort and we can only wait for more.

Anneka Latta - Vocals, Keyboards
Tom Fay - Guitars
Darren Townes - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums

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