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Blessthefall - His Last Walk
Released August 2007
Published by Rock3
Author review
Replay value
Average 90%

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Blessthefall - His Last Walk

This 12 track album opens much like the universe - a big bang. The first moments of the first track 'A Message To The Unknown' are nondescript bleeping and static that suddenly launches into one of the heaviest guitar riffery and screaming vocals that attacks the senses viciously, leaving you dry mouthed and breathless. The vocals switch seamlessly between throat rendering screaming and melodic declarations.

Such a strong opening track puts pressure on the rest of the album to be up to scratch and as I type this, the second song switches on and starts with some hand blurring percussion rhythms and some wailing guitar lines. The deep echo on the melodic parts of this second song, 'Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad', makes the song sound like it's being performed in a cavern... exactly the setting you'd expect these guys to gain their inspiration from - the darkest, deepest parts of the psyche.

The song disapitates into near silence with diminishing guitar lines before exploding once again into desperate screaming and some disgustingly dark guitar riffs. Their third track 'Higinia' starts with some almost Linkin Park'esque deck beats before bursting into life with some wailing melodic vocals and some scrambling guitar whining. They sound strongly like (if anyone remembers them) Fony in this song, with some really despairing instrumental that makes it seem like the end of the world is so close that they might as well play the guitars and the drums hard enough for it to draw blood from their appendages.

The fourth song 'Could Tell A Love' starts again with a nondescript introduction of static like noises - a running theme throughout the album. This song is a fast paced medley of screaming and singing, supported well by some awesome drum work. When the song slows down drastically towards the end and springs back into life you realise what an amazing live show these guys could produce using this material. Drawing on the crowd, ebbing and flowing, these songs have a massive potential.

As you go through the album, the same breathless template is used for many of the songs. I get to song 7, 'Pray', which commences with some melancholic vocals and some truly light guitar and drum action. The song is definitely one of the softer ones of the album, showing another side to their abilities that other bands can lack. The song is haunting in its execution, one that could make it as a single definitely. Then 'With Eyes Wide Shut' at song 8 further widens the range of music this band play. A tinkling piano and sad, echoing lyrics sung with real emotion really make you think twice about pigeon holing this band as any particular style.

Song 9, 'Wait for Tomorrow' seems to start in a similarly slow and gentle way and one wonders when they're getting back to the bread and butter screamo they performed at the start of the album and this song seems to respond to my needs, speeding up and getting heavier and heavier. There are still quite a lot of melodic vocals going on in this song compared with the start of the album but a truly riveting section of this song at about 2:15 shows some real talent for the art of screamo, guitars squealing and drums pounding. The last regular song on the album is the title song 'His Last Walk' which starts off with some really slow and rhythmic screamo which descends into some almost christlike backing vocals and heavy guitar pounding.

There is some really funny material that you find at the end of this song, so skip some minutes rather then fast forward to the next song and enjoy the acapella singing with a female interviewee. The bonus track contains an acoustic version of track 5 'Rise Up' which is haunting in its execution and is definitely worth a listen - perhaps because track 5 is so much like the opening tracks, the acoustic brings yet another dimension to the band and I myself am impressed with the different things they can master. The band have decided that making a new album and producing new material is ahead of another set of touring so as long as you can handle all the noise they are making in the garage practicing, we'll all be looking forward to the end results.

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