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Write up your Street 30-06-2008 11:08 AM

The Cedar Falls - Abandon EP
The Cedar Falls show promise of becoming one of those easily accessible bands with a likelihood of attracting a fan base from a crossover of genres. The best way of defining their sound is feel good alternative rock with undertones of the likes of Incubus, Neds Atomic Dustbin and Creed. Metal/screamo/hardcore fans are less likely to find The Cedar Falls as appealing, however because they simply donít have that dangerous edge.

Vocally, Cedar Falls have a really clean sound which will particularly appeal to fans of Incubusí Brandon Boyd and while the lead vocals are pleasant on the ear, it would be nice to see a bit more variation in vocal range.

The Abandon EP demonstrates The Cedar Falls as an affable and pleasant sounding band, with a real sunny Californian ambience in their music. The first two tracks, Abandon and Twilight, whilst not particularly hard hitting or edgy are pleasant saccharine sweet infused pop/rock ditties with catchy guitar melodies and varied drum patterns. These two are the strongest tracks on the album and appear to be the ones that demonstrate where The Cedar Falls strength lies. Unity attempts to reveal The Cedar Falls deeper quality, but it sadly fails, sounding more like an Extreme/Bon Jovi inspired ballad. On listening to the EP, one message is clear. The Cedar Falls are great at making sparkly, sunny rock ditties which will guarantee them success in the mainstream, but emotional ballads is something they donít need to do and should steer clear of.

Full track listings:

1) Abandon
2) Twilight
3) Unity
4) A Place to Stand

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