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Razorwire - Wrapped In Lies
Release date 13 April 2008
Published by Rock3
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Average 85%

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Razorwire - Wrapped In Lies

Razorwire's third album continues the no compromise stance of the bands earlier releases with fast paced aggressive rock with tinges of metal guitar and their own unique blends of rap rhythms to make the ground pump with dancing dust, but with all that the band are a no nonsense punk band who remind you of the reality behind the slick gloss of our modern lives.

'False Pride' opens with 'Damage Limitation' introducing new front man Dave Scragg formally of 'Kismet HC, **** Hate Propaganda' who fly’s the Razorwire flag with pride, so back to the first song, big fat skins, fast paced rolling riffs and the lyrical vocals of Scragg gets the head nodding straight off while the Scragg roar sounds like it was filtered through
a hubbly bubbly so smooth did it sound. The second track 'False pride' the first single from the album rips loose and ups the ante with a mosh raising adrenaline fired song that is much better then the demo I heard some months back, this was the track that got the band bollocked for burning the national flags of all the acknowledged liars. (you will have to watch the video of the single!) the political message is given more airing with 'One Shot', with plenty of venom to stir you out of your apathy the song is quickly followed by 'Empty eyes' with the desperation and despair that can afflict the feelings of your dis-infranchised life.

'Fracture' opens with a solid metal riff before slipping into the bands punk credentials with some great penned lyrics ably supported by Scragg's melodic vocals who puts it to use with 'Know God' the sixth track on this twelve tracked album. Razorwire have a tradition of using intelligent sharp lyrics to slice through the crap and bring forth the maggots of untruths that try to control you and they use this tradition with 'Know God' that feels like a bucket of cold water.

And so it continues, pummelling riffs, sharp incisive lyrics and some tight rock that keeps the dust raising and the heart thumping with their brand of adrenaline pumping rock, if your pissed then listen to the lyrics of ‘Clawing Fingers’ the final track on the album..This is easily the bands strongest album to date with every track strong enough to stand on its own and is a credit to the ethics of this no compromise band. And then if your one of the lucky ones, you might be able to get the FREE DVD that has ten of the bands videos, see track listings below.

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Damage Limitation
False Pride
One Shot
Empty Eyes
Know God
Mind Bleach
Tomorrow Ends Today
Clawing Fingers
On Tour With Razorwire (Feature)
Drempels (Wrapped In Lies)
False Pride (Wrapped In Lies)
Fractures (Wrapped In Lies)
Mind Bleach (Wrapped In Lies)
A Bullet Called Pride (A Bullet Called Pride)
Dipole (A Bullet Called Pride) - video
Lock Down (A Bullet Called Pride)
Dipole (Live @The Godless Festival)
Lose My Head (League Of The Godless)
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