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Fate - Vultures
Release date 29th April 2008
Published by Rock3
Author review
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Average 85%

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Fate - Vultures

Incorporating modern metal melodies and riffs into an extreme metal sound is always
going to be a difficult accomplishment, but Fate seemed to have melded the styles
of extreme death metal with modern angular melodies, punctuated with squirts of
violent riffs to bring forth nine tracks of interesting metal plus intro. I have to say that not all tracks work well but in an insane way the band members youthful desires are also captured in the music which forces the mix to work in most cases and to work well producing something worthy of its place in your album collection.

Opening with a little melodic fret chase as an intro you are seduced into thinking that melodies are the order of the day, which is not quite the case the first proper song starts with a decent guitar melody of angular metal but descends into sludge, death and rib punching riffs, the title of this track, 'Psychopathic Diary’s'.

Track two is the free download 'Your Creed Is Greed' and probably reflects the band members youthful idealistic ideas? what is refreshing about FATE is their age, they have an average age of less then twenty which some would say could hinder them in the extreme metal genre but in this case their freshness and youth is allowing them to discard the rule book and not weighed down with bile and age FATE are writing the material with true metal grinning pleasure which is reflected in the tone of the albums tracks.

The third song 'Battleground beneath my feet' mixes thrash speed spurts and sludge moments with twin death vocals that work well the song probably is not long enough but they also give hints of future qualities with some angelic melody squeezed into the song. In fact the songs in general are not long enough to fully explore the sentiments but as a breath holding exercise work out about right as any longer you would probably suffocate.

The title track is the most melodic and is devoid of vocals what?.. again the band are teasing us with their hidden qualities, 'Of Riddance and Innocence' and 'Call Me The Apocalypse' are suitable precedes to the best death metal track on the album 'Decapitate Delilah' while the final song 'Ruins Of Necropolis' brings forth thrash and Death Metal in a Scandinavian way that FATE do rather well. A decent debut album that shows the band have real talent and I look to the future with interest.

• Justin Krahn: Vocals
• Kyle Fishman: Guitar
• Brice Vuson: Guitar
• Devin Durrett: Bass
• Jacob Durrett: Drums

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