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Epicurean - A Consequence of Design
Release date - 4th march 2008
Published by Rock3
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Average 85%

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Epicurean - A Consequence of Design

Producing a technical feast of modern progressive metal lashed to the speed of a thrash
wagon and not forgetting the bands death metal pedigree 'EPICUREAN' have recorded a album worthy of any metalhead from any genre to take a listen and be pleased with the result.

Opening the album with a track like 'The Author and the Architect' indicates that the band
have written tracks with a grandeur and with keyboards flickering in the background like
candles catching a breeze the band have opened with a statement of intent. The second track on 'A Consequence of Design' itself a title of masterful statement and deliberate design incorporates the power of the bands death style vocals to complement the standard metal vocals of John Laramy all to the backdrop of well crafted guitar solo's and driving keyboards in the modern progressive melodic sound and so 'Behind the Chapel walls' induces images of dark manifest.

The one thing that stands out is that the band are not afraid to be technically adept with the deliberate guitar solo's and use of the Dream Theater-esque keyboard dramatic melodies while blending American muscle into the mix with plunging explosive moments rammed in here and there which bring your adrenalin glands into play.

The album 'A Consequence of Design' was originally recorded with nine tracks but once the band was signed by the major Metalblade the album was remastered and two more tracks added bringing the album upto eleven tracks of fresh progressive melodic metal to rival any on the circuit.

The third song on the bands debut album 'A Consequence of Design' Lithograph, shows the
bands intent to merge intelligence with power and again you have melodic blends of guitar
solo's of maidenesque proportions with US riffery. In whole the album is a very good collection of great songs done with taste and power not normally associated with US bands who seem to be hung up with trying to impress fans with muscle flexing and face stomping, Perhaps one criticism is that the album doesn’t contain a track where the keyboards take the lead but I’m sure the band will rectify that in future recordings.

• John Laramy: Vocals
• Jared Schneider: Keys
• Jarod Mills: Guitar
• John Major: Guitar
• Eli Pete: Bass
• John Gensmer: Drums

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