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Job For A Cowboy - Genesis
Furious Death Metal from Arizona, USA
Published by crimson
Author review
Replay value
Average 85%

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Job For A Cowboy - Genesis

Job for a Cowboy make other Death Metal bands cry in fear with their guitar shredding, brain destroying drums and rage filled vocals. Hailing from Arizona, United States the 5 piece have been destroying gig crowds so much since 2002 they were invited to play Download Festival 2007 in Donnington UK and went down a storm.

The latest offering ‘Genesis’ released on Metal Blade Records is ten tracks of ear blistering music that any Death Metal fan would be foolish to ignore. The only respite you’re offered between the furious opener ‘Bearing The Serpents Lamb’ and the final act, ‘Coalescing Prophecy’ are two atmospheric interludes included purely to keep the listener alive.

Having Toured the US and Europe the band will be hitting Australian shores September 2007, any self respecting metal fan should be out buying tickets the minute they’re available.

  • Bearing The Serpents Lamb
  • Reduced to Mere Filth
  • Altered From Catechization
  • Upheaval
  • Embedded
  • Strings Of Hypocrisy
  • Martyrdom Unsealed
  • Blasphemy
  • The Divine Falsehood
  • Coalescing Prophecy
Band Members

Guitar = Bobby Thompson
Guitar = Ravi Bhadriraju
Bass = Brent Riggs
Vocals = Jonny Davy
Drums = Jon "The Charn" Rice

Myspace & all Tour Dates: MySpace.com - Job For A Cowboy - Glendale, Arizona - Metal / Death Metal / Progressive - www.myspace.com/jobforacowboy

Video Of Altered from Catechization

Label - Metal Blade
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By Rock3 on 15-07-2007
JOB FOR A COWBOY talk about the concept of “Genesis”

JOB FOR A COWBOY lead singer Jonny Davy recently spoke to ChartAttack.com <http://chartattack.com/damn/2007/07/1104.cfm> about the band's lyrical approach on its latest CD, "Genesis". Even though the album isn't being promoted as a concept effort, the songs clearly tell a story of technology, religion and corrupt government, and how they combine to lead to the end of civilization.

"I spent a really long time on the lyrics," says Davy, who's the band's sole songwriter. "At a pretty young age I realized that I was an atheist. Over time, I read up on a lot of religions and religious conspiracies and conspiracies in general.

"The record is actually about a biochip called the 'VeriChip' that's being implanted [into people] and used for medical identification and money currency purposes. People feel it's an invasion of privacy, and the other aspect is religious leaders have come out against it for fear that this is going to be a fulfillment of a prophecy in the Book Of Revelations.

"The VeriChip is actually being used today, and eventually they want to use it to implant in people's arms or hands. So let's say you walk to a grocery store and, instead of paying with money, you walk through a scanner and take the money out of your account. On the religious side, you can turn on American Christian television and they'll be talking about it on their little talk shows. Religious leaders fear that the Antichrist is going to use the chip to control every man and woman in America and later the whole world."
Read more at ChartAttack.com <http://chartattack.com/damn/2007/07/1104.cfm> .

jfacmetal.com <http://www.jfacmetal.com/> | myspace.com/jobforacowboy <http://www.myspace.com/jobforacowboy>
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