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Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn
Grindcore Death Metal At Its Best, Most Lively And Extreme
Published by kinzz
Author review
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Average 95%

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Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn

Cannibal Corpse's THE WRETCHED SPAWN has got to be one of their best in a while now. The guitar riffs and solos, bass riffs, and drum tempos are performed and brought out so well to their fullest extents along with the brutal yet on-tune death metal vocals and growls as they all go together perfectly without getting sloppy or missing a beat even once. It starts off in very high gear delivering a great energetic with an amazing uplifting feel to those into death metal with very fast, heavy, brutal, yet on-tune and rhythmic death metal beats and hardcore verses from the from the opening song, "Severed Head Stoning", all the way to the closing song, "They Deserve To Die".

The lyrics are very violent, extreme, and gorey, but they do display very realistic views on being murdered in very sick, twisted, and bizarre ways as well as how those who kill in ways like that are too sick, evil, and demented to be helped or dealt with in any way. One example is in the song, "Severed Head Stoning", where some of the lyrics are:

Piles of heads lie on the ground
Executioners start to assemble
Condemned man shakes with fear
Doom now becoming clear
The faces of the heads he resembles

Another example is in the song "Psychotic Precision", when the lyrics state about psychotic killers' sick, demented, and twisted minds:

Horrific perception that enters the brain
An abnormal psyche insanity's pain
Demented beyond an immeasurable doubt
Psychotic or not they need a way out

The lyrics also tell very scary, gorey, and realistic stories about murders and murderers on those lines. The title track even tells a sick but realistic story that is rather unique in its own way about a baby who came from a rape victim. They lyrics also contain clever and catchy rhymes like examples above do.

The band members made sure their instruments, microphone, and sound system were all in top condition before they actually started recording after more than plenty of testing. Their producer did the same. The production and sound quality on this CD is so excellent, it sounds very lively and "coming at you". You can practically feel each beat and verse going right through you.

This CD also comes with a bonus DVD, which is overall interesting and quite entertaining at some parts. It shows a good view of their recording studio in Florida, each of the band members' bedrooms where they share some interesting things, the making of this CD and the time and effort they all made, interviews with each band member and their producer, among plenty of other things. There is one of their fun trips to Mexico, which was video-taped, and shows some pretty good interesting detail of the area they went to. There is a funny scene with the guitarist Jack Owen playing country music on his guitar and singing along with it, which is nothing anywhere near similar to the grindcore death metal material Cannibal Corpse is known for. There is even a crazy but rather humorous scene of them shooting rifles behind their studio. The DVD is also in great production. It is overall interesting, entertaining, and should appeal most fans of this band. It is definitely a great addition to this awesome CD.

That is not to mention the artwork on the cover and inside covers. It is very gorey, bloody, and explicit, but very well drawn with many awesome lively colors. It is very eye-catching and maybe even inviting to some audiences. As soon as you open the case, you will find a large, cool, and unique-looking skull appearing to be looking right back at you. This CD also comes with a little booklet that contains similar artwork, the lyrics, and other interesting information.

As mentioned above, this has got to be one of their best in a while. It is also a good collectors' item with the DVD and booklet. This is highly recommended for all fans of this band, even the ones who like their older material but were not as happy with the more recent material. Plenty who fall into that last category will like this CD as well. I also recommend those who are just getting into grindcore death metal to give this CD a try. This is an overall good example of how grindcore death metal can sound at its best, its most lively and most extreme.

The Bottom Line
recommended for all fans of this band, even the ones who like their older material but were not as happy with the more recent material
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By Rock3 on 26-03-2008
If goregrind Death metal is your bag!..Some Videos of Cannibal Corpse can be found here:

Video of 'Make Them Suffer' from the 'Kill' album

Video of 'Death Walking Terror' from the kill album

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