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Write up your Street 08-01-2011 12:14 AM

Martyr de Mona - Eva EP
After months of anticipation the wait for the Eva EPís release is over. Signed to the Eagle Two label the Midlands four-piece are hotly tipped to be the next big thing to come out of the Midlands in 2011 and after hearing this EP, commercial success for the band is inevitable. The EP blasts into Eva with such an indescribable intense energy, it has you in its clutches instantly and is sure to remain a permanent fixture in Martyr de Monaís live set. A firm favourite with fans, this old gem has been dynamically stripped and reworked. Being replaced with more sophisticated vocal arrangements and rhythm sections, the revamped version is edgier and more polished, without losing its original charm. Eva will always be an affectionate favourite of mine because of its catchy hook, upbeat vibe and being the most fun to bounce to at a gig. The EVA EP hasnít been out of the car stereo for months and should come with a warning to drivers - guaranteed to cause severe lead foot when playing.

The track choices on the album, appear to tell the story of the bandís evolution from Eva when they first started out, to Am I Sorry at a time when the young band were working hard to reach out and build their fan base. ID is the track that marks a real turning point for the band. Collectively, the bandís maturity and growth shines through. ID displays how radically and rapidly they have mastered their craft as song writers and musicians and their exceptional gift for writing epic anthems which are accessible to a diverse crossover of genres and exhilarating to watch at their live shows. A stunning melody with crisp, clean vocals from Louis and the echo of the deliciously spine tingling ringing guitars, combined with a distinctive running bass line makes this a firm favourite on the EP and a dead cert as a commercially successful single for the band.

The final track on the EP Try to Mend takes the pace right down, making it the mellowest track of the collection. Vocally, the sound differs slightly from the glossier timbre of the previous tracks and overall has a more raw unpolished resonance, appearing to dwindle from the energy of the track when performed live and seen it its real glory.

The EVA EP demonstrates the admirable DIY ethic of a determined, hardworking, talented and charismatic young outfit and is a must have. MDMís years of hard work are undoubtedly paying off and the buzz is now spreading on this exciting band. The EVA EP is now available from I-tunes, Amazon and Spotify or by visiting For tour dates, merchandise and all news MDM related, visit

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