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Rock3 31-01-2008 07:47 PM

12 TON METHOD sign to COPRO Records
Formed from the ashes of NEEDLEYE, Copro Records are pleased to announce that London-based dodecaphonic metal band, 12 Ton Method have joined the team, and will release their debut EP 'The Art Of Not Falling' next month, featuring Adrian Erlandsson (ex-Cradle Of Filth, At The Gates, The Haunted).

After the demise of Needleye in December 2006, old friends Duncan and Ray were determined not to let the break-up end their collaboration. The pair spent the next few months experimenting with different compositional ideas, ending up back where Ray’s heart lies, with Arnold Schoenberg’s Twelve-Tone Method from the 1920s (also known as Serialism or Dodecaphony). They then began writing using Ray’s updated version of Schoenberg’s extremely dissonant method, which Ray had named the 12 Ton Method in 2004, when he founded a metal band by the same name in order to promote the compositional method that he believed to be the true origin of Metal. Once the first new song had been composed in 2007, they realised that 12 Ton Method had essentially been reborn with a new line-up, and therefore the original band name was re-used.

Guitarist Ray Holroyd adds, "How many labels are brave enough to sign a 1920s Metal band? Not many, that's for sure! Call me cynical, but when we were shopping our EP around in late 2007, it almost seemed like the music industry was afraid of a little bit of Dodecaphonic Metal. I mean, come on! What next? However, there was one fearless label that immediately stepped up with an offer we simply couldn't refuse. A thousand emails and one meeting later, I am extremely proud to announce that 12 Ton Method has signed to the courageous Copro Records. The Spirit of Arnold Schönberg salutes Copro for supporting 12 Ton Method's fight to secure equal rights for all twelve notes. Keep it Zwölfton!"

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