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drummer40 29-11-2012 03:13 PM

DRUM! Gets Down To The Odd Time Sound of Matt Cameron With Reunited Soundgarden
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San Jose, Calif., -- As 2012 rolls to an end, Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum/percussion magazines, is groovin’ full-speed ahead. So, it’s no surprise that DRUM! Magazine’s December Issue features Matt Cameron, discussing his odd time grooves with the reunited Sound Garden on King Animal.

No Stranger To Odd Time

From Soundgarden’s hit “Black Hole Sun” to the 15/8 in a section of the new cut, “By Crooked Steps,” Cameron demonstrates musicianship and command of meter. Throughout the story, Cameron stresses the latter as key to playing in the pocket regardless of time signature. As author, Sam Pryor notes, “Soundgarden’s new songs are stocked with odd melodic groupings, odd-metered rhythms, and Cameron handles it all like Houdini.”

Interesting Influences: Bruford Beats

An interesting aspect of Cameron is that his drumming is deeply influenced by the fusion drummers of the seventies, especially Bill Bruford. Many Cameron fans may not be aware of these influences. However, Cameron’s command of groove and space demonstrates these roots. As Cameron says, “Listening to a lot of Bruford prepared me supremely to play in Soundgarden.” Cameron emphasized that (Bruford’s) placement of fives and sevens as critical to writing the drum parts for the new record.

Solid To The Click

Cameron admits that in the early days of Soundgarden that he hated click tracks. Yet his maturity as a musician has resulted in a new philosophy for drum machines and clicks. In fact, the entire new record was recorded to click. As he discusses, “I’ve grown to enjoy playing to drum machines and loops. It’s just a reality of being a working drummer these days.”

Cameron Compositions

Cameron does not just contribute world-class drumming on the record. He also demonstrates growth as a songwriter. He wrote “By Crooked Steps” and “Eyelids Mouth” for the album. And, on page 38 of the story, there’s a transcription of “Eyelids” which again exemplifies his mastery of playing odd time with groove and ease. (Note: There is also a transcription of the 15/8 pattern that Cameron cooked up for “Worse Dreams.”)

“Cameron’s drumming has been inspirational to all musicians, not just drummers,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “His ability to groove regardless of meter exemplifies the real art of drumming.”

About Enter Music Publishing

Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of informative and entertaining drum and music-related media, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! Magazine is the company’s flagship publication and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. Enter Music Publishing, Inc. also publishes, a leading drum-related Web site. The company’s mission is to be the best source of drumming news and information in the world.

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