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ollocks 25-02-2011 02:37 PM

Jagermeister Announce Ice Cold Session #3
Jägermeister have just announced details of their next ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session, which teams up artists (and even penguins!) to collaborate on new tracks.

The ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session will feature British band Slaves to Gravity and Columbian Hip-Hop artist Lupa.

Taking place at London’s Strongroom Studios on Tuesday March 1st the collaborators will have just one day to write and record a track. This task is made all the more difficult and by the fact that Slaves to Gravity speak no Spanish and Lupa speaks no English. The only language they both speak is that of “Music”!!

Tommy Gleeson (interview) from Slaves to Gravity said: “This is something entirely new for us, but it has really set our creative juices flowing. A lot of the grooves we work around are basically big, fat hip hop rhythms with riffs laid over the top, so to expand on this with Lupa is going to be really exciting. We've always been a pretty closed off unit, so it's very refreshing to have new blood running through our music. Having just one day to nail everything is going to add a real edge to the session and a sense of urgency to the track.”

Lupa added: “I am really excited to be working with Slaves to Gravity on this track. We have very different styles, but this will lead to a really interesting and unique collaboration. On this recording I hope to represent Colombian hip-hop from the barrios of Medellin, which is known for its candid lyrics, free styling and sharp rhymes. Jägermeister have given me an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to get into the studio in London.”

Previous ‘Ice Cold Session’ collaborations have seen Fightstar and Lethal Bizzle create ‘For All Our Enemies’ (Video), and G.U. Medicine and a Ricky (the rock hopper penguin) from London Zoo create ‘Ice Cold’ (Video).

The collaboration will be streamed exclusively on the Jägermeister website in March: Jgermeister as well as extended footage of the duet recording process.

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