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Malefice speak to Dann Brennan
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Malefice speak to Dann Brennan

Q. You guys sick of interviews now or you think it’ll be the next albums press that will turn you?

A. “No i quite enjoy them really, don’t get me wrong we have done ****ing so much press this year. It’s the guys who come and haven’t done there research that piss us off. People who just come in and ask “so what have you done this year?” well if you haven’t done your research then we don’t want to speak to you, if you know what I mean. It’s like just going up to someone in the street and saying right what do you do... talk. Which is **** but 9/10 times its great though especially if your pissed haha.”

Q. You have just finished your second tour with Devildriver, how has that been for you guys?

A. “Yeh it was brilliant! Much better than the first time. The first time was unbelievable and second time going out with them was just as good, we get on with them like a house on fire. Dez really ****ing looks after us and has taken us under his wing a lot so we have a lot to owe to that man. Luckily we do really well with Devildriver’s crowds. A lot of the kids who come to see us now are from seeing us at them shows alone.”

Q. Did you get invited back because of how well you guys did in the first tour?

A. “Yeh, every time there over here they ask for us, so every headline thing they’ve done since we last toured with them we have gone to. It was only when they come over on the metal hammer tour at the start of the year with defenders of faith that we haven’t been asked.”

Q. So you had a few days off and now these two shows?

A. “We’ve had 4 or 5 days off since the tour, were all ****ing tired man. We went to India just before Devildriver, we came back off of that and was rehearsing for the tour, done the Devildriver tour and now have this show and then a local home show tomorrow. And then we’re in the studio all next week...”

Q. New stuff?

A. “Well I can’t really say. It’s not new stuff but all will become very very clear soon.”

Q. You’ve been with Metal Blade now for a year. How’s that been for you compared to before?

A. “Yeh the anniversary is coming up pretty soon I think. I remember it being really cold when we signed haha. It’s been great man, we have got a family behind us now of people who have a lot of respect in the industry. We’re not going to get ****ed over by anyone with Metal Blade behind you. No one ****s with metal blade! I don’t know what it is but it’s like a metal mafia. You have loads of great guys there, all the big names you hear working with them are at the end of the phone if you need them. They always respond to emails and really want to know what you’re doing, and how you’re doing. It’s brilliant. There really approachable guys. We like how they are and how they do business and in the end that’s why we signed with them.”

Q. So you guys going to try and get a tour with unearth? That seems like a band in Metal Blade you guys would go down well supporting?

A.“ Yeh were pushing that. Unearth have only been doing support stuff recently though over here. Like at the moment they have just come over with Chimaira. We really want to get out with unearth, black dahlia murder, job for a cowboy, I mean we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Q. On your MySpace you have a ‘making of video’ of your new release “An Architect of your demise”. When will that be out to view?

A. “It’s not out yet. But will be very soon it’s immanent, next couple of days I think. Scuzz have the exclusive. So we have been working out on a date with them. Its ready it’s done and should be out very very soon.”

Q. With your videos and artwork on albums ect. Do you decide on what you want or do you leave it in the creative hands of someone you trust?

A. “Well my friend is a director and I wanted a very solid vision of how I wanted this video to look. So I went to him who is a very good friend of mine and I was like “I want you to shoot this and make it look like this”. He was very cool and sat down with us and worked out exactly what we wanted. We shot that video for next to nothing man. We pulled in favours, set the room up ourselves, blacked out everything and pulling out all the lights. We just wanted it really DIY and take it back. Remember the old Pantera videos where it was just the band playing and it was like if you never seen these live before it was like they were performing to you in your front room. And that’s exactly what we wanted. To show the ferocity of our live show and keeping it very basic, shows we are a genuine band and genuine people. Were not all about the frills and makeup and all that bull****. Were just 5 dudes who play metal. So we stripped everything back and went against everything we did in our first video and was like **** it were doing it our way.”

Q. What about album artwork
“Yeh we got in touch with a guy called Collin Marks. He absolutely incredible and did everything on the album inside and out. He tuck the pictures and manipulated them himself. We wanted something completely original, it’s based around apocalyptic scenes around London. I’m proud of him man because everything looks amazing. He was really approachable and as soon as we gave him the idea he knew what he wanted to do. The first thing he showed us was the undercard of the album and we knew he was the guys. He just ran with the idea and kept sending us more stuff and we were just laughing at how good it was. It was amazing.”

Q. When writing an album how do you guys approach it?

A. “Well Ben does most of the writing guitar wise. He’ll just write riff and bounce them off all of us. Well all sit down and once we have built up a bank of ideas that we all have put into then well jam them all out in a live room. And just see how they feel to play. Normally when you record something as a demo if you get stuck on the next piece were it leads to, you’re not going to feel that until you play it live together. We keep most of our song ideas basic until we get together and have our own input on it and basically tare things apart until were happy.”

A. Did you get much input off metal blade when writing the album?

Q. “None really. We wrote it, recorded it, sent it off to them and they said thanks haha. No they did have a lot of say on the mixes. We send them 2 or 3 samples of what we were thinking mix wise, and then they let us know what one they think works best. And at the end of the day they have to market it and have the experience to know. Were not a very experimental band, and aren’t going to mess around with weird mixes we just want the record to sound punishing and really rich. They trust us to do our job and we trust them to do there’s.“

Q. Did you feel any pressure as it was you second album and your first with metal blade after they signed you?

A. “There more pressure on the next man! There no real reason behind that it just feels like there’s a lot to do, we have started writing but aren’t that far into it yet. It’s going a lot better than we thought it was going to be so far. The challenging thing about this album is finding the time to actually go and do it. Our touring schedule next year is going to be punishing so we’ll see how it goes. There’s not going to be much time to sit at home and write so it’ll be more writing on the road.”

Q. What tours should we be looking at next year then?

A. “Can’t say yet. We are in for a shooting for quite a few though. We are supposed to be booked up most of the way till xmas but **** happens! I can’t really say anything. You’ll get approached to do 5 tours and then booked for 5 tours and you’ll end up doing 1 of them because something will happen, your dealing with other peoples agent, other peoples bands and other peoples egos. I won’t play this, I won’t play that etc.. It’s really difficult. Were booked with 2 things to take us to end of February next year but both clash so will have to see what happens.”

Q. This year you’ve had great reviews, and been quoted as the UKs metal band, fitting well with bands like lamb of god etc you must be happy with that?

A. “Yeh there are plenty of bands who hate being compared to other bands but we have been compared to lamb of god and pantera! I’m sorry but if you’re going to be compared to bands what’s better than the 2 best bands out there. This next record is going to make a lot of people’s jaws hit the floor. We have a lot of ****ing venom to get out. And were going to be telling a lot of people exactly what we think of them. So look out for that!”

Interview by Dann Brennan

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