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Rock3 10-10-2008 06:33 PM

Interview with Tommy Gleeson vocals with Slaves To Gravity

Arriving at the barfly in Birmingham im looking forward to having a sit down and chat with Tommy , the lead singer from slaves to gravity, I stood and watched the sound check , probably with my jaw on the floor, finally I sit down and start by congratulating him on the bands recent kerrang award, “thanks dude”

James. Hows it gone since then?
Tommy. ye its been good, although we seem to have attracted as many haters as fans, our category had larger profile bands in with a younger fans who spent the day on the internet writing **** about us, but the gigs have been better supported .

James. Did you meet anyone at the award that thought, **** me it’s …?
Tommy. Ye man, we sat next to Metallica and had Rage Against The Machine over our shoulder, we were just blown away we had won the award

James. Did you meet anyone who didn’t impress you?
Tommy. No not really, although Rob Flynn did slag us of calling us emo dudes…

James. Hows the tour with aiden going?
Tommy. its going really well man, we are 4 dates in and 10 to go, we’ve toured a lot this year they had an older audience, where as now it’s a lot younger.

James. With all the touring you do, when and how do you pen any new material?
Tommy. we write all the time, we’ve all got portable studios at our houses and on the road, we stock pile the tunes then we have a rehearsal and hammered out a couple of tunes, it is early days yet, we haven’t discussed dates or plans.

James. Who contributes what musically in the band?

Tommy. it really varies man, we have never really established a set structure, each guy is far better than I am in their department.

James. has the success of 'Scatter the Crow' added pressure to the band for the future?
Tommy. we gota step up to the plate man, we don’t wana write the same album again, we naturally have a tendency that once we have done something we move on, we gota spread our wings and branch out a bit

James. how long were you together before recording the album?

Tommy. it was a year to day since mark joined.

James. what and who were your early influences?
Tommy. man, loads of stuff, when I was really young my mum and dad were musicians so classic rock like the stones, the Beatles through to singer song writer stuff, Jodi Mitchell / David bowie, the first band I got into was guns and roses, bout 8 yrs old I heard appetite for destruction (at which point a feel geriatric ) when I was a kid it was all about the grunge scene for me, soundgarden / stone temple pilots, pumpkins.

James. ive telling people about your live performance is most definitely a notch up above the album
Tommy. ye, when you go to a show you wana see the band really ****in sweating, not necessary about nailing everything , its about giving the audience something to watch, to me that’s more important.

James. about the record label, gravitas, how did that come about?
Tommy. when we were demoing our stuff we were talking about how we wana do it, with the ga-gas we had been burnt, you know, we decided from the of we wanted to do it ourselves, our manager who is also my dad, took a business plan to a group of investors, the new wave of band can be self funding. It enables us to have complete creative control over the project, we are all confident and comfortable, and we are just control freaks …laughs!!

James. at what point did you think to yourself, we have got something here?
Tommy. the very first day, we met mark, he walked in, we had a jam, it was rough round the edges, the chemistry was there, it instantly sounded really cool, it was taking your hands of the steering wheel, it was really exciting,

James. when was the name conceived?
Tommy. I was in Amsterdam, (laughs) I came out the torture museum , it just popped into my head, I wrote it down, we came home, we had a book full of ****in names, all awful, we experienced pretty ruff times with the music industry, we felt we were at the mercy of the forces around us, hence, slaves to gravity .

James. what does music does Tommy listen to?
Tommy. today, because we were all hung over we had a bit of bill Evans, steely Dan, then kind of got into deftones, Dillinger escape plan.

James. who on tour got the worst habit?
Tommy. to be honest , we are pretty fukin tolerant man , to the point that we don’t even notice each others bad habits

James. who would your dream act, dead or alive to open for ?

Tommy. maybe Alice in chains, with lane obviously, that would be a dream come true or what about the original line up of guns and roses, although that probably 'aint gona happen.

What I found after spending time with Tommy is that he is a very intelligent young man (plus he is the double of Johnny Depp in the pirates films, lucky ****er) who’s driven by the school of hard knocks, from getting burnt with the ga ga's, STG are putting all their own plans into place, be it management, production, distribution, they seem to have it all covered, the confidence is good to see, its far from ****y, they have a vision, and that vision is that STG become a huge rock n roll band, for me, its all there, I have the album, seen them 4 times, and everytime it has been a knockout !

My thanks to Tommy for allowing us the time, and a big thanks Rachel at hero pr, top girl ………

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