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Interview with Keith Holuk From Ligeia
Keith Holuk vocalist of Ligeia
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Interview with Keith Holuk From Ligeia

I was lucky to catch up with Keith from Ligeia to find out what he really thinks about the current music scene, what he says to all those uncomplimentary critics out there and what the best thing is about touring.

Q. The majority of reviews of the new album have been complimentary. Do
you ever tend to read them?

A. Not entirely true, but yeah, ill read them. We appreciate people taking
the time to listen to our new album whether they love it or hate it.

Q. I read a review recently by a critic who wrote that Bad News is a
misogynistic album? What would your response be to this?

A. That's his opinion! Obviously he didn't hear our first album. I wrote
all kinds of ****ed up lyrics about girls, that's what that entire CD is
based upon and itís all true. Sorry I don't write lyrics about respecting
women even if they **** you over.

Q. Listening to the album, the underlying theme to me appeared to be
about you as a band sharing your experiences and opening up about the
knockbacks youĻve had in recent years and how you overcame them. Do
you find it easier to write about personal experience and when lifeĻs
bad then when itís rosy?

A. Life is never 'rosy' and if it seems like that, itís usually not long
before something horrible happens.

Q. Whatís your opinion of the music scene as a whole at the moment? Donít pull any punches.

A. Itís trendy. There's a lotta ****ty bands making a ton of cash off music
they don't believe in.

Q. Do you have a favourite place that youíve toured?

A. Honestly Europe was awesome. Your beer is amazing!!

Q. Do you plan to visit the UK any time soon?

A. Yes!! Tell your local promoter to book us!!

Q. With the music scene in the current state itís in, it seems even more
difficult for the more underground unsigned bands out there to get a
break. What advice would you give to these kinds of bands?

A. Youíve gotta be in it to win it. We've been touring for almost 4 years now and
we still don't make any money.

Q. What are your plans for 2009?

A. Tour tour tour!

Interview by Mel Jones
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