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Get Rotted frontman Ben McCrow talks to Rock3
Get Dead or Die Trying is the new album from The Rotted
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Get Rotted frontman Ben McCrow talks to Rock3

1. How did the band get together?

We formed from the ashes of our old band Gorerotted. Basically, we were in the studio writing for the album we were gonna be recording in a couple of months time, and after re-writing all the old material to make it all sound perfect we realised how much weíd changed and how much we really werenít Gorerotted anymore, so we decided to go from being Gorerotted to being The Rotted.

2. Where do you all come from?

Wilsonís from Glasgow, Timís from East London, Gianís from London, Iíve lived in pretty much the same area of South London all my life and Nateís from Israel; he moved over to the UK to play drums

3. What bands were your greatest influences?

I dunno really, we never consciously take pointers from individual artists, but I guess the music you create is driven by the passion for what youíve grown up with, so Iíd say Extreme Metal, 80ís UK Punk & Hardcore, and general rock music

4. When did you start playing an instrument and what was it?

I tried the guitar when I was 12, then switched to bass at 14 cos there were less bassist around and my guitar skills sure as hell werenít gonna get me noticed! But I decided to move to vocals when I turned 17, and a year later in 1999 I was playing my first ever show with Gorerotted in Holland. All seems to have worked out fine

5. What was the bands most memorable gig to date?

Well, as The Rotted weí ve only done one show! But if you want to include Gorerotted, Iíd say maybe Brutal Assault Open Air in Czech or Waldrock festival in Holland last year, but purely for selfish reasons; I got to share the stage with some of my favourite bands and I had a real blast at both. But every yearís more eventful than the last, and weíre playing Wacken this year, the year that Maiden are headlining so thatís something weíre really psyched for!

6. What do you do to relax on tour?

Sleep? When weíre not asleep itís pure chaos, absolute bedlam so relaxation doesnít come into it. Checking out whichever town weíre in is always nice though, and we tend to get through a lot of herbal remedies too.

7. tell us about your current album, how long did it take to record?

I think it took about a month? I could be way off, but it was split between drums with Russ Russell, then tracking guitars, bass and vocals with James Dunkley, then back to Russí for any additional stuff before mixing and mastering. Iím really happy with how itís turned out, theyíve done a great job in bringing out the aggression and intensity of this record and itís something weíre all hugely proud of

8. Who writes the songs?

All of us, the fellas come up with the music, I do the lyrics, we all add our ideas to each other, so itís a combined effort. A lot of quality control too, we got no problem scrapping something if itís going nowhere

9. Have you any plans for the rest of the year?

Yeah of course! The albumís out in a couple of days so weíre booking shows and tours as we speak, doing all the promo stuff, and basically trying to get our music to the people.

10. What is your favourite song of all time?

Thatís a real hard one, but Iíd probably say Jizzlobber by Faith No More, when I was a kid it was the most sinister and dark thing Iíd ever heard! Today it still stands as an incredible piece of work, proper intense.

11. What is the bands ideal goal?

Just to get out there and take our music to as many people as possible, this wonít last forever so weíre gonna do everything we can to get the best out of it, then in a few years I can bore the crap out of my kids with **** stories from the road, thatíll probably get better every time I tell them too!

12. What equipment (manufacturer) does each band member currently use?

As a band we got endorsements from Warwick basses, Cookes drums, Peavey amplification, eDrum, In Tune Guitar Pics, Elites strings and AccueGroove cabs. Wilson gets hand built, beautiful basses sent to him and they sound incredible! Tim and Gian both use Gibsons, canít beat that classic Gibson sound. Nate? I dunno entirely, drums arenít my thing. I use Shure Mics at the moment, which are pretty much the industry standard

13. Who has the worst habit?

Haha, I do ****ing weird **** in my sleep, when weíre put in hotels, if someone has to share a double bed with me they get pretty pissed off with me hardcore dancing in my sleep, or attacking them, dry humping them or sitting up sharply and screaming at someone who isnít there! I actually got dirty great cuts down my face right now that I woke up with yesterday morning, no recollection of how they got there, itís proper night-terrors, pretty brutal. Other than that I dunno, no one really does anything gross that the rest of us canít stand.

Ben McCrow - Vocals
Wilson - Bass
Tim Carley - Guitar
Gian Pyres - Guitar
Nate Gould - Drums

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