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Lizzy Borden Interview
Lizzy are confirmed for 'Bang Your Head' metal festival 2008
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Lizzy Borden Interview

Hey! Your last album ‘Appointment With Death’ was released last year. What can you tell the fans about it?

A traditional LIZZY BORDEN record. We worked hard trying to make sure it was classic metal in the way that we make records. From the response so far I think we nailed it.

The new album is a concept album about death itself. How is it possible to create a concept about such a big theme like death with only eleven tracks?

That was the challenge really. I love big challenges and to pick a topic like death to speak about gave me a lot of room and at the same time I was confined. So I had to find that thread to weave all the songs together and make it all connect in a way that was not one-dimensional. But you're right I could've made this a double album, parts 1, 2 and 3. Who knows maybe some day.

You love theatrical stuff. How do you transfer this interest into your music?

It's all in the melody. That is where the drama comes from. It's like acting or the spoken word only you’re singing. I don't sing dialogue like “Tommy” or anything. It’s a little bit harder to sing what I mean and mean what I sing and have you understand it, but for the ones who want to dig down and read the lyrics, I'm hoping it will unfold for you.

On the cover of the new album you are pictured as the reaper himself. A role that you like?

Yes, I'm having a lot of fun with this character so far. I can't wait to bring him on the stage.

You have a new guitar player Ira Black. In which ways did he contribute to the songwriting?

On this record I invited everyone to contribute to the music and everyone did just that. Ira especially brought in quite a lot of really great stuff that ended up on the CD. It was a great way to write this record, we have not done that since 1987, having everyone involved.

’Appointment With Death’ is your first studio album with LIZZY BORDEN within the last seven years. You did STARWOOD in between. Did you miss the Lizzy stuff?

Yes that's why we had to start creating again in that “metal” way. We've done this for so long that it's in our blood and we can’t shake it, and we don't want to. But I wanted to make a record like ‘Appointment With Death’ and make sure that it was something that I could be proud of, that we all could be proud of. So it took a little longer than we thought to get the engines fired up.

You played Metal Blade’s 25th anniversary gig in the US last year. How was this experience?

It was great! We’ve played all the anniversary shows but this one was really special because most of the bands were death metal and we were definitely the fish out of water. But we killed and it was a great experience to be able to be the odd man out and win the day.

You are confirmed for Bang Your Head festival 2008. What can the fans expect in times where shock rocking performances like yours became pretty rare?

The best part about most bands not being theatrical is the audience are not used to it. That's great for us, because were giving them something that's not the status quo and that instantly becomes entertaining. The ‘Appointment With Death’ show just like all Lizzy Borden shows is an evolution in works. So, by the time June rolls around God knows what you're in for..

Lizzy Borden Video 'Tomorrow Never'

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