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Anterior interviewed just before the release of the album
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Hey, guys! How are you? ANTERIOR is a pretty young band run by pretty young dudes – could you please introduce the troops to our readers?

Luke: All is well, thank you very much. No problem, My names Luke and I play guitar and am the vocalist. We have Leon, who is responsible for all the magical lead guitar you hear and then there's Ross keeping it all together on drums. Currently we do not have a bass player so we are searching for one… All of us are 21 at this point, so yeah, we're all pretty young.

Your debut ‘This Age Of Silence’ is about to be released shortly! With your first effort you show that you are into a mixture of totally old, traditional metal and the strength of today’s leading acts…

Luke: Absolutely, its really hard not to be influenced by monsters like METALLICA. Thats where the original inspiration to just pick up an instrument comes from. You hear the big riff bands when you're young and think, **** that’s awesome.

Leon: Nowadays though, we kinda all listen to the same stuff like CHILDREN OF BODOM, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES etc. I’d say they are our main influences really. But I do listen to a lot of RACER X and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, that’s where I get a lot of the ideas for the solo/harmony stuff cos those guy’s are the best!

Luke: Although we have our influences we're not trying to be any of those bands either, what ever comes out of ANTERIOR is just what sounded good.

Despite the fact that you are very young, your music is very skillful and virtuosic. Were all of you born with their instruments in their hands?

Leon: Ha, not really. I started playing when I was about 15 and it’s pretty much the same for all the other guys. METALLICA were the band that made we want to play guitar, I always fancied playing but those guy’s just made me have to learn. And then people like Gilbert, Malmsteen, Gus G, and Alexi Laiho are really the guy’s who pushed me to go further, they made me want to do all the crazy guitar stuff. I’ve watched the “Gilbert Intense rock 1” video so much it doesn’t work anymore!

Luke: Yeah, Everyone loves a big sick solo shoved up their arse every now and then. Leon is a big solo fan as you can clearly see, and I think he’s outdone himself on this one, cant wait for the next ****er.

Ross: Well personally speaking on behalf of the drumming on the album we always try to push to get the best possible results. When we were in the studio we already had the general drum ideas ready, but during the tracking process the boys, especially Leon, pushed me really hard to get some really complicated **** down and make everything as good as it could possibly be. As for being born with and instrument in my hands..I wish!! No seriously it is just sheer practice.

Leon: Yeah it just takes a lot of regular practice, like anything you want to be good at really! And we’ve all just practiced our asses off! And still are!

Your are from Wales… there are rumors that every man in Wales does “sheep shagging” for a hobby – is that one true??? ;-)

Luke: Sheep Shagging, ah good god! The oldest Welsh stereotype is a man chasing sheep around the ****ing field with the sole intention of buggering one of 'em. But the truth ladies and gentlemen isn't far from that, we love a good bit of lamb love, you can find Ross most Friday afternoons smashing the back end out of his wooly love bitch.

Leon: True, There was actually a guy who married a sheep not far from where we live. Straight up!! It was for a bet, he had a reception in a local pub. He comes into my local quite regularly nice guy, but ****ing nuts!!!! I’m sure he’s had some woolly loving in his time!

It’s obvious that nearly all of the songs on ‘This Age Of Silence’ are very long…

Leon: Yeah, just the way it worked out really, the older songs are usually longer, the newer songs on there are the shorter ones. Not sure if this is because of more writing experience, the song’s just seemed finished at that time. Probably the old METALLICA influence though! If it worked for them……

Ross: Yeah totally man, old school METALLICA as ****!!

Luke: It’s just what sounded the best to us really, and we ****ing love a good 8 minute epic!

What bands would you name if it comes to your main influences?

Ross: If I have to be totally honest, the main band/drummer that has influenced me has to be Metallica/Ulrich. I grew up around METALLICA and DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATHh and ERIC CLAPTON. As my drumming developed i started to like more bands like ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LAMB OF GOD etc. They all really helped and continue to help me grow on my instrument.

Leon: For me it’s CHILDREN OF BODOM, IN FLAMES and ARCH ENEMY. These guy’s are probably all of our favourite bands. I’m always comparing stuff to theirs for quality, and when I get stuck writing I just think what would these guy’s have done. But it is hard to try and get to that same quality of writing cos all of these have been doing it for a long time!!

Luke: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE were definitely one of my main influences along with Metallica to just pick up the guitar. IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY, PANTERA and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD are also up there at the top. Growing up there was always a lot of BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY, DEEP PURPLE und LED ZEPPELIN echoing around the house because of my dad. So I'd say they really got me interested in music.

How would you convince someone of your band that has never heard of you before?

Luke: Ply them booze and then lock them in a Hummer full of bats with our album blaring, they'll soon learn to love it.

Leon: Just go listen, if you like solo’s, harmony guitar stuff and good ****ing metal then I’m sure you’ll love it!

Ross: We are all really proud of it and I believe they will be convinced when they do hear it.

Thx for your time, dudes! Any last words to say?

Luke: Everyone, go out and buy 'This Age Of Silence' you won't be dissapointed, honest! We will be doing a pile of touring and we can't wait to meet you all. Thanks again.

Leon: Been a pleasure, Go buy the album!!!

Review 'lifted' from metal blade's website

Rock3 Album Review of 'This Age Of Silence'
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