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Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death

I have been an Iron Maiden fan since I first discovered them on a compilation album called 'Metal For Muthas' vol 1 in 1979 and a crude version of wrathchild and Running Free there was something about the style which sucked me in and has never let me go, if I had to describe what it is that 'maiden' have it is probably youthful enthusiasm and this shows on all the albums that I certainly have bought, my favourite album has always been 'The Number of the Beast' mainly because it had the greatest concentration of Maiden classics and was the first time Dickinson reared his ugly head to scream out his great vocals He was also on a Samson album I had bought about the time Metal for muthas came out but the latest album 'A Matter Of Life And Death' which I bought last year still has that youthful enthusiasm which makes me reach for my air guitar and puts a silly grin on my face and that is still the Maiden secret.
A Matter Of Life And Death' has ten typical Iron Maiden songs and of course there is the standard format of historical references in the songs running through but always the head nodding chorus lines and the multiple solo's with Brucie trying to raise the roof with his vocals. This is one of their finest albums for many a year, so good that after six months it still gets played every day in the car at maximum, if you don't own a Iron Maiden album then get this one and once you get hooked go out and get 'The Number of the Beast' and start filling in with the albums in between. Iron Maiden still play their metal like they always have done, with exuberance and big solo's that will make you want to conjure up your air guitar and have a quick twiddle.

A Matter Of Life Or Death

A History of Maiden

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