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Hail the Hammer

Well were only 8 weeks or so to the big HF4, so it would prudent to start spanking some more Talent in and letting you know what we’ve got lined up for the Thursday night pre party.

Thursday will be kicking off in the Vic with a UK trio of fresh Talent, namely Perpetuate,One More Victim and Flame Fracture.

The main frame will be a trip of Metal Nostalgia, which will call upon the talents from the vaults of Black Rose,Pagans Altar,Blitzkreig and after the response at HRH, we had to get The Sanity Days back in and give us that original Onslaught sound once more. Well also finish the night with a bit of fun like we did last year, but this years will be with Dirty DC.

Saturday sees three more additions, namely Irish legends Waylander, Americas new boys Diamond Plate and by demand HF favs Ravenface…..Lastly three more for the Metal Forge of raw talent…bring on Elimination, Drip Back and Lets Play God…..

Looks like HF4 accommodation will totally sell out sometime this week, so stay tuned and if you haven’t booked..then I’d strongly advise to ring immediately…day passes are under a 100 now, so with that in mind, Id say its all pretty much in the bag…..Slots will be up 4 weeks prior as usual and we will be doing an Unplugged stage as well as a surprise chalet party..all going off at HF4…..couple of slots left but, heh, anything can happen

Looking forward to catching up

HRH Watchtower
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