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Following on from an already monstrous line up, we are pleased to bring in Swedish Power Metalers….. Dream Evil conduct a rare appearance of what they all do best. We would also like to welcome back Evile who know shift up a gear to main stage credentials and join Anthrax and co in a Thrashtastic header. No Hammerfest would be complete without bringing in and Old Skool metal performance and HF4 can only but smile at the arrival of Avenger to do this the NWOBHM way.

Bringing in a 3 decade collection for our new Alternative sounds plot, we have asked Senser to grace our stages and give us their Industrial rap metal onslaught just for good measure, …and apart from that, well we have a best of British Metal collection..consisting of the following, who will create a Metal Forge of straight forward balls out, Metal at its best…bring in the conveyer belt…who are…. Snakebite, Slam Cartel, Severenth, Cerebral Bore, Oaf, Collapse, AR, Red Mist Destruction & Sworn Amongst….there you have it..another 13 to add onto an already solid line up..

Just over a hundred rooms left now, so at least it puts you in the picture…

08700 110034
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