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Nottingham's earthtone9 were a band who showed a blatant and consistent disregard for anything approaching conformity throughout their five year existence. Belching into life with the 5/5 Kerrang rated 'Lo-Def(inition) Discord' opus in 1998, they bulldozed, confounded and impressed until their messy implosion in 2002.

But in that half decade they managed to make a mark quite unlike any other band of the era. While half the world was enamoured with the two dimensional bounce of nu-metal or the melancholic, anti-posturing charm of grunge, earthtone9 were delivering a two pronged assault of intense post hardcore aggression and truly melodic experimentation. Never easily pigeon holed, they showed a gleeful awkwardness, a perverse stubbornness to 'not do the obvious thing'. It undoubtedly hampered their commercial progression, but it also marked them out as brave artistic pioneers and an act unafraid to follow their own path.

Throughout their tenure they were compared to an endless number of bands… Tool, Neurosis, Faith No More, Will Haven, Kyuss, Helmet, Deftones - a list as broad and exciting as you could imagine. And while there are clear parallels with a plethora of acts, earthtone9 always maintained a distinct and aggressively singular sound.

And what excites most on listening to 'Inside, Embers Glow...', their 16 track career spanning 'best of' album, is just how cutting edge and downright relevant earthtone9 sound today.

2010 is the ten year anniversary of their defining album - Arc' Tan' Gent. And in a completely surprise move, the band have re-emerged from what looked like total annihilation.

'This is not a rebirth,' laughs bassist Dave Anderson. 'We just got old and wise enough to appreciate that we did something pretty good together, and it was worth celebrating. We're not reforming as such. More reconnecting as friends, and leaving ourselves open to the occasional show to remind people that we ****ing ruled once.'

And as to why the band decided to give away the highlights of their musical output, vocalist Karl Middleton explains:

'Most of our releases are hard to find now, so we thought that a compilation would be a cool reminder of what we were about. The tunes that we've chosen are the ones that either still stand up or have an extra special place in our hearts…or both. I'm sure that some people will disagree with our choices, and that's cool, but we wrote the songs so we know best.'

'Plus it'll save people the trouble of bit-torrenting all our albums,' adds drummer Simon Hutchby.

Earthtone9 - as belligerent, contrary and exciting as we remember!

Visit earthtone9 to download 'Inside, Embers Glow' for free, or purchase the limited edition digipack.

Earthtone9 discography.(all available from Welcome to Copro Direct Mail Order - Copro Recommends)
Lo-def(inition) Discord album 1998 Copro Rcds
Off Kilter Enhancement album 1999 Copro Rcds
Hi-Point EP 2000 Copro Rcds
Arc Tan Gent album 2000 Copro Rcds
Omega EP 2002 Copro Rcds

earthtone9 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

on ARC' TAN' GENT - 'everything a classic rock album should be - full of schizophrenic twists and turns, bludgeoned riffolo, gallons of emotion - and then some… giving today's music scene a new level of standards for others to aspire to. This ****er is a monster' ROCK SOUND 5/5

'This is a work of art that deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.' 9/10 METAL HAMMER

'Certainly the best album of its type that you'll hear this year.' 4/5 KERRANG

on OFF KILTER ENHANCEMENT - 'occupying the hitherto undiscovered territory between Faith No More's 'King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime' album and Deftones' 'Adrenaline'. Unpredictable, inventive and very, very cool,' 4/5 KERRANG

on LO DEF (INITION) DISCORD - 'truly the best of the heavy, alternative scene, with a scrabble of reference points to seek out - everything from Tool to Machine Head.' 9/10 METAL HAMMER
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